Louis Vuitton Cabby MM vs GM?

  1. Hi,
    I sold my LV neo denim speedy last year and bought the denim Baggy PM. After using the Baggy PM I realized how much I loved that denim speedy! So...now I.ve been pondering either getting a nice used denim speedy on eBay, or perhaps the new denim cabby MM. I did see the MM (in blue) at the boutique last summer but had a rather rude SA so didn't feel like hanging around in the store too long. I wasn't really ready to buy that day so left without trying it on for size but one time. I haven't seen the GM so do any of you have likes and dislikes about the sizes? I'm 5'3"...my largest LV is the BH and only because it lays flat against the body and isn't bulky like some bags.
    I'd love to hear from some of you about this bag...likes and dislikes?? I love it in the black, I think it looks great in the pics. Thanks for any help.
  2. I have the MM in black and LOVE it!!! I've been using it almost everyday since I got it. I get a ton of compliments, too. It's such a different LV bag!
  3. I have the GM with MM strap and love it, perfect bag. But I also have neo speedy and love that bag as well.
  4. I have the GM and love it. I like the longer strap and it holds tons. I have been using it alot. It really does dress up casual outfits.
  5. I like the neo cabby MM. I'm 5'6" and although I love big bags, for some reason I thought the GM was too big on me but the MM was absolutely perfect. The GM size can be worn messenger-style though, on account of the long strap.
  6. I have a Blue Denim Baggy PM and I find it a bit too small for me. I bought the Black Neo Cabby MM and it is perfect for me! Holds tons, you can hand carry and shoulder carry when needed. Slouches perfectly! It is my current fave!
  7. i am having the neo cabby GM.. good size and can carry as a messenger bag.. however, the inner yellow suede keep on flaking and is causing my clothes to have the flakes of yellow suede. And when i took out my wallet, it has the suede sticking to it..

    I am disappointed with the quality.. i have so much other bags with suede inside but never have this happen before.

    Wrote to LV and they asked me to send in repairing.. Will get it done when i am back to my country soon.. and was sad cos repair will take some time.

    Any gals out there experiences this too?
  8. Thanks Addy! And everyone else. I feel the same way about my baggy PM, beautiful bag but doesn't hold enough. If a 5'6" PF'r thinks the GM is too big, then I'm not going to want the bigger one. I had arm surgery last week and cannot use it at all for 3 more weeks, so I'm forced to be a left-hander now. Posting takes me forever! Forgive any typos...have to hunt and peck for the letters. LOL! :p

  9. I just got my Neo Cabby GM and I think the size is great! I'm only 5'2" - it's not overwhelming at all. In fact, for a relatively "big" bag, it carries really well (maybe because it's so slouchy). I suggest checking it out IRL before you rule it out completely. It's a great bag!
  10. I saw on eLuxury that describes the Neo MM can be wear messenger-style. across the body. Wondering how long the strap really is, as I've not seen it IRL. Thanks!