"Louis Vuitton Cabas Piano".. with buckles

  1. Geez!! I nearly inhaled my popcorn when I saw that picture! :blink:
  2. :sick: x 10,000!

    Yuck, that is hideous!
  3. words cannot express what that bag looks like...
  4. I think the words "barf" and "vomit" are pretty appropriate ! :lol::Push:
  5. LMAO, that's putting it lightly!! Vlad and Megs would have to ban me if I said what I really thought!!
  6. I have better junk in my garage!:biggrin:
  7. Did Paris Hilton put this bag up for auction? ;)
  8. lol! This bag is awful!:sick:
  9. Gross :sad:
  10. Seller says it's "very beautiful" LOL!
  11. the seller should say "very fake" instead...
    lol what an extraordinary design :wacko:
  12. Ok I can't find the words for how awful that is lol.
  13. EEEkk!:sick: :sick: :sick:
  14. That is one odd bag. :sad:
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