Louis Vuitton Bucket Hats...my dreaaam

  1. :confused1: I'm wondering if LV will ever make Monogram Canvas/Damier Canvas Bucket hats...like the GUCCIs in GG fabric...

    I think a damier canvas hat will look :heart::heart::heart:with a brown belt around the hat (like Gucci's green red green belt around the hat)...with a LV initial gold buckle!
    + washable lining...:heart:

    What do you think? Will they ever? :drool:

    :crybaby:I don't want to go buy a Gucci hat and see the fabric threading...lol

    Special order...lol is a no no no...the hat might end up $1000 ~

  2. Oooooh I'd love one in Azur :smile:
  3. mmm...i dunno,because their are fakes like that.....i say if they keep it special order and only a few people get it,yeah...
  4. they've made them in blue, brown and beige cotton raincoat material with a damier pattern interior a couple of years back. as for Mono or Damier canvas, i doubt they would.
  5. They made a pink denim hat, some one on here has it.
  6. I would love to see the pink denim hat!!!!!!!!
  7. The woman who has it is STAR and then her name has a bunch of #'s... its in her show case thread, she has all the lv and hermes in the world lol
  8. ^^^can you find us a link:confused1:
  9. they made this one too
  10. ^^^:drool: look at that bracelet...
  11. fab isn't it I like this combo too
  12. ^^^:girlsigh: isn't it like $20,000+
  13. Love those bracelets.
    I don't think I'd like a LV hat very much. I think I just don't like hats in general.
  14. Those bracelets are hot!
  15. I liked the LV runway hats from the fall winter show. I loved the billowy shapes.