Louis Vuitton Brentwood in Perle....Yay or Nay?

  1. For Christmas, my boyfriend got me the brentwood in perle.....I LOVE it but since its vernis I'm afraid it will get ruined over time (turn yellow, scratches, color transfers, etc.) I'm thinking of exhanging for a darker color either Pomme d'Amour or amarante, but I can't decide. Also, I'm worried that the "shiny-ness" of the bag will fade as the bag ages.....Does anyone have any advice/info??? Please help!!
  2. I would prefer a darker color. I vote for Pomme.
  3. I too would go for the Pomme... the color is gorgeous and the color goes with a lot of things!
  4. i am in love with both pomme and amarante, and had been comparing the two, i love the vibrant color of the pomme but it's well, too shocking for a bag, i think amarante is more versatile. goes well with any color outfit so my vote goes for amarante for more mileage.
  5. I'd exchange the perle too. I would just be to paranoid to carry it much.
    I adore both the pomme & amarante, so I would probably be thrilled to take whichever was available. :smile:
  6. id also exchange it, id be too worried about the perle over time like you said.
  7. I agree with everyone. Exchange it for the Pomme
  8. Pomme! It is TDF!!
  9. I ever owned 4 Perle pieces ( before I gave up and sold them to my friends ). I even own my Perle Bedford for 2 months only before it turn yellowish ( unnoticeable until you inspect it under no-bright place ) while I keep it properly and take care much than ever :s

    For vernis piece, I'll recomended dark color like Amarante.
  10. I would suggest the amarante. My sister has the amarante brentwood and it is TDF! She said shes never had more compliments on a bag.
  11. The Perle is gorgeous but I really do think a darker colour will stand the test of time better.
  12. I am so in love with Amarante! I would be nervous of the lighter colour too.
  13. I'd go for pomme!
  14. I love amarante!!
  15. I have always wanted the Reade in perle and every time I visit a different boutique I ask the sa their opinion on this bag. Every time they always discourage me from purchasing the perle. I have been told that if it touches anything, the color transfers onto it. (I have probably been to at least 13 LV boutiques when traveling in NY, Cal.,DC.and VA. and not one positive remark.) I still think it is a beautiful color!