Louis Vuitton boxes??


Dec 9, 2006
Hey guys, I'm new to the site as well as new to designer handbag collecting. I was always the type who thought it was absolutely ridiculous to spend hundreds of dollars on handbags until I purchased my Speedy 30. Now I'm hooked!!

Anyway, I've purchased all of my LV's via eluxury.com because I don't have an LV store within a 300 mile radius of my city. All of mine have come in a Louis Vuitton bag (similar to a shopping bag) and have included the dust bag, etc. I was wondering... if you buy them in an LV store, do they come in some sort of harder box that they're meant to be stored in or are they just supposed to be stored in the dust bag? Thanks!


Designated Shopaholic
Jan 2, 2006
Anyways, regarding your question, you're not suppose to store LV bags in the boxes that they come in (some stores will provide it without you asking whereas other stores will only give it to you if you ask) because the leather needs to breathe.

It's strange that your Eluxury purchase didnt come with a LV box.