Louis Vuitton Boutique in NY

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  1. I can't seem to find one listed.. Does anyone know if there is one in upstate New York. Im in Albany for a week and would love to check it out. I need a fix:yes:
  2. No, not in upstate NY. They are all in and around the city.
  3. Yeah - I don't think LV's into the 'middle-of-nowhere' scene, :lol:
  4. Albany being the capital of NY- not exactly the middle-of-no-where-:yes:
  5. Albany Capital Of New York, Yeah...

    But certainly not the Capital of Fashion!:nuts:
  6. Boy that's the truth!!!
  7. No problem...lol...I wouldn't consider Albany middle of no where either.

    BTW Love the Father's Know Best avatar....but wonder how many others get it....goes to show, I am too darn old!
  8. trust me i spent four years in ALbany there is a dirth of actual quality options

    the mall there only recently got a Coach store

    your best bet is probably MA or if your able to travel two hours travel down to Bergen County NJ.

    Garden State Plaza has one and Riverview Square Mall has a huge store.
  9. :yes: :nuts:
  10. See - it really is the 'middle-of-nowhere' ,lol :supacool:
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