Louis Vuitton: Boring?

  1. So I've been on loads of shopping sprees to LV Boutiques these past couple months. Yesterday my friend came up to me and asked me why I always buy LV stuff. I told her I liked LV and I'm obsessed with it. She said she doesn't understand the "big deal" with Louis Vuitton 'cos in her opinion, LV bags are boring. They're always boring (she's talking about the monogram canvas) and in the end, they all look the same. Nothing new. She said Gucci is better 'cos Gucci has lots of different colors (white, black, brown, gold, etc.) and styles. It got me thinking a bit. Could she be right? :confused1: I don't wanna think that I wasted all my money on LV for nothing.
  2. If you like LV, then buy all you want! Don't let another person's view influence your decision.
  3. Has she seen their Vernis items?,they are very colorful!
  4. No, I don't think so. She's not really a "fan" so I don't think she knows about Damier, Vernis, and all the other lines. She only kows Monogram Canvas.
  5. If LV is boring and Gucci is "fun", I'll take boring any day.
  6. WELL SAID!!:yes::supacool:
  7. Yeah... most people that don't get LV and think it's boring are only aware of Monogram Canvas. Perhaps you should enlighten her in the other lines? :idea:

  8. :yes:
  9. I hear the same thing alot.....
    I just think that they are totally not into it or that they dont know enough about the lines in LV....I just shrug and say that Its the ultimate for me....:yes:
  10. couldn't have said it better myself! :yes:
  11. i was in the same situation a couple of weeks ago, when my cousin asked me why i keep on buying LV when they dont even change styles.... my answer... LV's style is timeless. thank you very much. =)
  12. First of all, those that do not appreciate LV are ignorant to the different styles. When most thinks LV, they see only monogram. I remember before I started my collection, I always associated monogram with LV. I didn't like the other styles. That's why my collection consisted mainly of monogram. But now I've come to appreciate the other lines as well. But it's still ok to buy all monogram if that's what you like. Don't let others make you feel guilty for liking mainly LV. That's what makes you and your friend different. I don't think you want to be walking around with the same stuff as she does, do you?

    BTW, if I'm not mistaken, LV came out with the mirior line which consisted of silver and gold first. Then Gucci, Fendi and others came out with their own type of mirior bags.
  13. My coworker likes YSL. I told her I like LV and she said she didn't like it because she thought its easily counterfeited. I think most things designer eventually are anyway.
  14. I'm not surprised your friend thinks LV is boring. If you only knew about the monogram canvas, and that's all you can identify as being LV everywhere you go, then it would probably be boring for her! :lol: Just like others have suggested, you should enlighten her and take her to LV! Wait til she sees the pomme d'amour range... :p
  15. I have a friend who likes gucci and has commented that LV is "auntish", especially the mono pieces..she somehow likes the damier line though..I always tell her that LV products are very lasting..my mono wallet is 5 years old, still looks good, only the print has faded and the gold hardward has tarnished. Compared to her gucci wallet, after one year, it is old, threads coming out and frizzing..I think gucci is even more boring that LV. And to pay a high price for something that does not last??? Crazy...