Louis Vuitton books

  1. There are several LV books on Amazon, and I was wondering who has most books on LV, and what can you recommend me to buy? I want the one with a lot of photos and almost covers all LV lines. Thanks
  2. My personal favorite is "Birth of Luxury". The book is not only a very interesting read but a gorgeous coffee table book. It does not picture every single bag made by LV (I don't think such a book exists). But the book has been sold out for some time and now you will have to pay USD 350 or more to get hold of a copy. (Original price USD 125).
  3. I don't really think there is one. I have both The Birth of Modern Luxury and the Icons book and I think those are the best you get. The BOML book is pretty complete IMO-I don't know of any books that show a majority of the lines.
  4. Louis vuitton - The building of luxury is a good book, Ive only just started reading it but its good so far.
  5. The Birth of Modern Luxury is a beautiful book - highly reccommended!
  6. The Birth of Luxury is the best book.
  7. I have...all city guides and the icon book. For looking at pictures, why not just get the catalogue?
  8. I only have the Birth of Modern Luxury and Icons ( thanks to my RAOK buddy for that one.:heart:)
    These seem to be the most popular LV books.
  9. I would suggest as a light reading the book by Kyojiro Hata; Louis Vuitton: Building of Luxury. It's more about how LV infiltrated the Japanese market and it gives you an idea of the company's culture of why it never goes on sale and how they determine pricepoint etc...Easy read.:tup:
  10. I have the Birth of Luxury...I am thinking of buying the "Icons" book...I bought it for my RAOK buddy, but haven't bought it for myself yet!
  11. I have Birth of Modern Luxury and Icons!

    For eye candy though...buy some of the Brand Mini Mall catalogues on eBay! Wayyyyyyy better eye candy...only thing is that it is in Japanese...but who cares! LOL