Louis Vuitton Book "Birth of Modern Luxury"

  1. I understand this book is sold out.

    I just saw one for sale on-line, $219 and it says it is still wrapped originally.

    For those of you in the know, could you tell me if the wrapping was something special that I can look out for (just to make sure I am getting a new book?)
    or suggestions on where to get it

  2. Yes, it comes shrink-wrapped.
  3. re: wrapping: not that i know of..

    and wow, it's sold out really? did you try going to Neiman Marcus?
  4. I doubt it's sold out. Call your LV store and a couple of NM or the LV boutiques IN the NM. . . there's been stacks of them when I've looked, both at NM and at LV.
  5. It is sold out through Chapters and Amazon. I called my local LV boutique and they ordered one for me!
  6. What is the content of the book? :shame:
  7. It's basically the history of LV. It's a MASSIVE book.
  8. i got mine at lv a year ago. i paid 125, supposed to be 135 ut it wasnt in the system yet.
  9. Oh, thanks! :flowers:
  10. great, I'll check out those possibilities
    $125 is better than $219
  11. Does it show every bag? That would be wonderful if it did.
  12. it doesn't show every bag. lots of neat pictures and lots of interesting facts about lv in there. it is a little bit overwhelming in terms of family history.

  13. I found the book to be awesome in a history sense. The pictures are gorgeous and when you are done reading it you can use it to work out- It must weigh 5 pounds....
  14. If you call 866 they can get you one...it's $125.
  15. I think I may have actually used mine for arm lifts once. I couldn't find my reg. weights :lol: The book is really heavy. I think its 10-12lbs.

    I really do wish it had more pics of the bags but like kepchup said, its great for the history of LV. :yes: