LOUIS VUITTON Blue Vernis Mercer/ vernis Keepall

  1. I just found this beauty on eBay, I'm curious why LV stopped the production of the Mercer! it is so cute and chic! :love:

    Would be so cute in every vernis color! :nuts:

    Do you guys know if it would be possible to special order this?

  2. nice find! its gorgeous! I remember when Sarah jessica Parker hosted the VH1 Fashion Awards she did a montage where she was walking out of a hotel on stage and behind her the bellboy had a surplus of LV luggage and one of them being a mercer and a beautiful pink colored Vernis Pegase!
  3. I remember Liz Hurley with this bag on a boat. Even Beyonce mom has one, can't find the pics :crybaby:
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