Louis Vuitton *Birkin*

  1. I don't own any LVs, and I am not a bit LV fan simply because there are so many fakes that it becomes a turnoff...but when I saw this bag it was instant love! Of course it was! The price tag is $14,000! Typical of me. So I guess I STILL don't get to join the LV club, but I thought I would share this gorgeous bag with all of you!
  2. interesting looking bag..I think I will past...can't afford it :sad:
  3. OMG I love it!
    If only money was no option.....
  4. I saw it in the wish book at LV and made a comment to the SA that the front top looked like a Birkin. Let's just say she gave me a "I don't think so" look! :roflmfao:
  5. Ah, the lady steamer!!!:love: I WISH!!! I bet it will look 1000 times better IRL than it does in the pic!!!
  6. it looks REAL heavy...LV has been making some really heavy bags lately. I still think of the LV Birkin as the LE FAB!
  7. :heart::heart::heart:I Love this bag:heart::heart::heart:
  8. WOW...I bet it looks great IRL!
  9. the monogram looks a little "Guccissima" ish, and yes, the padlock there looks a little Birkin ish.. but I know it's very much their Steamer look.. so I won't say anything. lol. i heart their steamer bags.. soooooo classic. i want a steamer luggage piece. but not that.
  10. Where can I find the steamer bags online? I need to check this out!
  11. wow, 14k? :nuts:

    i would rather buy a 'real' birkin for that money.
  12. Yes, and they require 50% deposit for this baby too!:nuts:
  13. It's a stunner!! and yes I agree...I bet it looks 10 times better in person...but the prices!! yikes!! oh well!!
  14. i'm eyeing in this bag too, but i guess that's as far as i can get LOL
  15. Wow 14k, hmmm, I think I'd rather get the Kelly fuchsia I was drooling over in Hermes for 11k
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