Louis Vuitton bird bag charm

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  1. Hello ladies/gents,

    I need some help here. I've fallen in love with the gorgeous owl bag charm. See link below.


    Considering how pricey the LV bag charms are, this will be my only bag charm from LV. I have a few questions for you:

    1. Do you think this charm will work on most LV bags (ie. speedy, alma bb etc) and not looking too childish?

    2. For those ladies that have this kind of 'round leather' LV bag charm, what is the wear and tear like? And how would it compare to those gold brass metal ones?

    Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  2. That charm is really cute! I only have one of the round leather/canvas charms and I love it. They are so whimsical and cute on a bag. I've had mine for a couple of months and it looks perfect. I don't expect a lot of wear and tear.

    Here's mine; the Illustre Evasion in DE. I don't have an Alma, but the charm looks cute on a Speedy or a Neverfull!

  3. Thanks OP for starting this thread. I would be interested to know the versatility of this piece as well coz it's ahh just so so cute!! I hope the night owl charm owners can chime in with pics of the charm on different bags including Epi, mono, DE and empreinte. TIA
  4. I don't know that this particular charm would match mono or DE bags so well, I see it more on bags that are all one colour (such as a black leather Alma for example).

    I don't think you'll have any wear and tear issues unless the leather is constantly hitting against something, I think it'll hold up very well. I only have a brass charm, it's been on my bag for about a year and I've had no issues whatsoever.

    That's just my honest opinion :smile:
  5. That was what I was afraid of, and being gold hardware it may not even match the Epi's silver hardware. But I'd still be interested to see what bags the owners of this charm put it on 😀.
  6. I bought this charm when I went to pick up my mini PS backpack yesterday. I'd actually asked to see the early bird charm instead but the owl turned out to be perfect and way too cute to resist. :biggrin:
  7. Absolutely, hopefully a few others will share some photos of the charm on different bags, I think that will help in your decision.

    In the end though, if you really love it then just go for it :smile:
  8. Here is the charm on the palm springs mini and a DE favourite mm. Hope this helps with you making your decision.:smile:

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  9. Oh it is super cute with your PS mini 😍😍😍. The black trim matches the black background of the charm perfectly!!
  10. I am not a big fan of charms, but this is graphic and interesting. I like it!
  11. I agree. I love the gold V for its nose, so cute.
  12. Wow!!!!! the owl charm looks stunning on both your mini backpack and the DE favourite! Thanks so much for the pictures. They are really helpful.

    On a different topic, conpared to the yellow early bird cardholder, would you have chosen that instead of the owl bag charm?
  13. I love it. I asked my SA to order it for me. Personally, I see it on many bags. My Noir Retiro and Estrella, Noir SC PM and also my Noir Alma PM, even though it has silver hardware. I used to have an issue with mixing silver and gold hardware, but have since gotten over that.
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  14. I should also add that for me, it has a "fall" look to it with the colors. My personal favorite season :smile: