Louis vuitton Bindi ivory Z0062e

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  1. Dear Forum members,

    i have a pair of louis vuitton Bindi shades going by the serial number Z0062e , i have always thought these where authentic and still are , but i am dealing with a buyer, and found out that for the same colourway there are 2 diffirent serial numbers Z0062e and Z0062W, is this correct? thanks in advance

    Kind Regards Robbert
  2. it is regarding to the ivory colourway
  3. The E and W on the end of the codes simply mean Western or Eastern with regard to face shape. Your code states your glasses are designed for Eastern shaped faces. :smile:
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  4. Thanks alot, i never knew about that, it clears up alot to me, also the tight fit the glasses forever had on me, and why the lense popped out a little. i appreciate your reply