Louis Vuitton Billfold

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  1. Does anyone have the Wallet with Coin Pocket? If so, are/were the edges [the covering that joins the two pieces together] kinda...sticky/rubbery?

    Mine is brand new and everytime I put it in my back pocket, when i pull it out, the edges are covered in lint because it sticks or something. Anyone?
  2. Mine's not, and shouldn't happen at all...
  3. No, mine isn't.
  4. i have heard that elsewhere. the same person was talking about the interior of the pockets getting sticky, but with age. i dont' remember who, maybe do a search on sticky pockets.
  5. I don't own one of these billfolds, so I may be wrong on what I am saying. On some LV products, the pockets are lined with a synthetic material. In high humidity climates, there have been cases of the material breaking down and becoming sticky over time. Do you live in a high humidity climate? Either way, I would suggest you take it to LV and see what they say.