Louis Vuitton Belts

  1. Show me yours!
    I'm interested in a Monogram Canvas Ellipse Belt. I'd loved to see it in real!

    Do you have any belts? I never saw a thread with one...
  2. I have three:
    a Mono canvas belt with the old square buckle in silver, a Damier canvas belt with the old square buckle in silver, and an all-vachetta Perforated belt with golden brass closure.

  3. wow they're beautiful, especially the third one. Does it get patina?
  4. Yes... that's why I put it on my balcony's clotheshorse for a few hours every (sunny) day.
  5. oh I love that Damier belt!
  6. Great idea!
  7. Germanium Suhali Belt

    Shot with DSC-W7 at 2007-07-26
  8. ^ I have always liked that belt, but not in the three colours that are available right now...if only LV made it in verone.
  9. Maybe it will be in Verone, I want it in black and white... one day :smile:
  10. there are so many cute belts, but whenever I try them on, I am in between sizes. sucks
  11. here's my three:


    Jeans 45, Inventeur Utah and LST glacé.
  12. Those are cute....I need a belt which fits to my next purchase speedy 30 in mono,....but I will also buy an agenda in damier
  13. I have the Perforated Black belt. Great staple with jeans! :tup:
  14. I have a black multicolore and white multicolore that are the old styles from 2003-04-ish with gold square buckle and a brown mono with a gold buckle. My black has come apart and needs to be repaired. Would probably happen to the white if it had gotten more wear. I hope newer style multicolore belts hold up better!

    I'm currently dying to find a good deal on a pink denim one, a vachetta riveting wide belt AND a damier inventeur plate mens belt. LOVE that belt.
  15. My black Taiga Classic Belt with the Silvery Buckle: