Louis Vuitton Baxter Dog Collar and Leash

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  1. Who here bought one (or more) for you doggy/kitty??? Do you and your little one (s) love them? Which size (s) did you get? Mind to share???
  2. I got the PM and it is still huge on my chihuahua. He's still a puppy but LV punched another hole in the collar for me. My dog tried to chew on the tag so I had to take it off.
  3. OMG, PrincessCouture, you and that puppy are too cute! I love your new avatar!
  4. My dog has the collar. She is a Maltese and about 7 or 8 pounds. I think it's adorable. She just gets excited becuase it's HER collar! When I have her collar off and go to put it on her again she knows it's hers and gets all excited. I'm sure she could care less if it's LV though.
  5. Here are some pics I took recently of her wearing her collar.
    sophiebed052307.jpg sophiebed052307b.jpg sophiebed052307c.jpg
  6. Aw thanks! ;D He's not wearing the collar because even with the extra hole its too big. He's only 2lbs. I'll try it on him in another couple of weeks.
  7. too big for my pets neck, he will struggle right out of it!
  8. aww.. Zophie.. ur pup sooo cute.. make me wanna take picture of my Louie with his collar on.. i got him the GM leash too.. barely used it tho... he drags
  9. Zophie-what a cute dog!
  10. Makes me wish I had a dog!
  11. I have the collar PM for my pom.. it is too big for him & her but the manager punch holes for us immediately !! I got the leash as well.. honestly.. It looks great but if your doggie still need some training thats definitely not the lash u want to use !!
  12. I love the dog collars lv do i wish i had a dog just to buy him some lv goodies!
  13. shopalicious.. i have a pom too.. funny.. mine grows full grown coat of hair.. so he's extra furry and fluffy.. he fits the collar
  14. I was seriously thinking of getting my pug one but, she just loves mud, streams, rivers and anything else that makes her dirty! So I would be paranoid about it getting ruined. I decided she is fine with her pucci diamante collar! xx
  15. i have two chihuahuas the none all of the LV collars are too large for my little ones.