Louis Vuitton Batignolles Horizontal or Dior Tote

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  1. Fresh and new Louis Vuitton style vs. Old but a great value buy

    Which one?


  2. I say the LV. what do you mean by "great value buy"
  3. well, the dior tote is from ebay...it's asking for $500 when the retail is over $1200...it's obviously from a past season...
  4. Do you think that the bag on ebay is real? I thought it looked slightly odd- maybe it is the leather, but it could be real, the pic isnt close up and I am no Dior expert.
  5. It's a my poupette recommended seller. i can post more pictures later. but i love the design and the fact that there are so many compartments...
  6. Louis (everytime)
  7. Then it should be okay I would think. I just am so scared of anything from ebay.
  8. I have that dior bag!! and i got it authenticated at the dior in saks!!! its GREAT for school, let me tell you, the compartments make everything sooo much easier!!!
  9. In this case I'd say the LV, even though I'm a total Dior whore. I have the LV batignolles and its a great bag, as long as you aren't lugging a computer around in it like I tried to do this semester lol.
  10. That is one of the nicest LVs I have seen!
  11. I have that LV bag and love it, and use it most work days. I get lots of compliments on it too. I personally prefer the LV logo to the Dior; in my humble opinion, it's more classic. The Batignolles Horizontal has an interior zip pocket and a cell phone pocket.
  12. I say LV for sure:love: .
  13. I'd go for the Louis. It's timeless.
  14. Lv! The Dior looks less quaility, and the Lv is so beautiful...
  15. LV....I like it better than the Dior one picture-wise.