Louis Vuitton balmoral pleated heels

  1. Are these still around--is eBay the only place to really find them? If anyone has seen them at a consignment store or somewhere in a 35 or 35.5, even 36 (if they run small) please let me know =)

    BTW-on eBay--how much has people seem them go for in the past couple weeks/month period?
  2. I just sold mine, kitten heels in red color, size 39 or 39.5 and I think eBay is the only place you can find it. Balmoral released first or before 2005 anyway I remember KArenKooper.com has 1 pair, try to find it there and I eyeing on eBay, size 35 or 35.5 is the easier to find on eBay :smile:
  3. Oh almost forget, ID: mushroom_city has any pairs in your size, I remember they've in pink, white, red, black, etc.
  4. thanks--I just checked her page on ebay but she didnt have any--msged her to see if she has any left thats not listed...
  5. Yeah ebay is your only bet now. These were pretty popular when they came out, I believe.
  6. Agree :smile: thought it's due to many celebs wear it? I remember Christina Aguiliera is one of them
  7. I just saw the pump on ebay for $500 or something
  8. Actually, I just sold mine but I still have the pics, below ;)

  9. How cute! the heel is not that high on this one
  10. Yes, mine is kitten heel, I'm about 173/175 centimeters and can't wear too high or I'll going many taller than my bf ;)
  11. I have a pair of the pumps in pink and I think they run true to size. However, if you're not used to 4 inch heels, they are very painful! I wore them to a wedding where I did minimal walking, but my feet were still killing me by the end of the night!
  12. Agree with elle, I even can't walk on the street wearing 4inches ;)
  13. ^^ me neither. I'm 170 cm and with heels would be WAY taller than my boyfriend. I used to wear heels like they were comfortable slippers but ever since dating my boyfriend two or so years ago I stopped and now I can't go back to heels :push: Wore 4-inch heels to work once. BIG MISTAKE. Luckily I brought along a pair of flats with me, lol!