Louis Vuitton Balmoral Heels

  1. Hi all ,

    I just wanted to let everyone know ( I hope i am allowed to do this) that I just listed my favorite shoes ever... the LV red satin Balmoral heels. a little over a year ago you couldn't find them anywhere. I was bitten by the bug and bought them . Unfortunately, I have only worn them once and with a move to italy rapidly approaching I have to downsize. They are the most delicious shoes ever... Great with jeans or even to dress up ... am I nuts ? lol I hope I dont regret it .. are these shoes still highly sought after ? I dont want to sell them for a low price.... What do you think ? is my starting bid of $450 too high .. ? I mean these have gone as high as $1000.00 at one point .. Let me know what you think .. Thanks :smile:
  2. These shoes were highly sought after for a period last year in the black & aqua, but the selling price really curved people's interest. I don't remember seeing a lot of the red pumps available, so if you have a pair in non-worn condition, they may be worth $450. It really depends on their condition. If the bottoms and sole show wear, then $450 is too much. You can still purchase the sling back edition easily for ~$300, so many may not find this a great find yet. I, myself, was looking for these shoes at one time after seeing their debut in famous Nicole Kidman ad, but quickly gave in after seeing their price. If you love them I would keep them. Valentine's Day is around the corner & red pumps are great! Then again, if they're a 8.5 WE may have something to discuss! Ha-Ha