Louis Vuitton Balmoral heels

  1. Are these still around--is eBay the only place to really find them? If anyone has seen them at a consignment store or somewhere in a 35 or 35.5, even 36 (if they run small) please let me know =)

    BTW-on eBay--how much has people seem them go for in the past couple weeks/month period?
  2. I'm afraid I can't help you, but I think you'd be better off asking in the Louis Vuitton subforum. It would grab more attention there too.

    Good luck!
  3. I am looking for a pair myself in a 36.5 I saw like 3 on eBay in the past month, and they were all 39/40. It seems that the ones who bought those are holding on to them for dear life!!!
    The sold for like 400 dollars btw