Louis Vuitton = Bags?

  1. When I look at the names of other designers, I always think 'clothing' - for example Chanel, or Dior. When I see the word 'Burberry' I always think 'coat', not 'bag'.

    However, if I see "Louis Vuitton" I always think "bags".

    I do know that Vuitton does have clothing lines, though. But don't hear many people talking about them. I've seen people discuss the T-shirts, and also shoes but that's about it.

    Is Louis Vuitton mostly bags and accessories, or do they have a very good market for couture clothing? Does anyone buy clothes from LV?
  2. When I think LV I think of luggage. LV's clothing (RTW only) is very expensive, and I often find that similar styles eventually make their way to MJ's own label.

    As with most high end designer clothes (e.g., Dior, Gucci), LV's more publicized garments seem to have lots of logos and not much class. E.g., who could forget the logo denim jacket and skirt? Not for me!
  3. Louis Vuitton diden't start producing clothes untill the late 90s, that's probably why. They haven't really had any famous "Vuitton" designing clothes either, like Prada got. If some of the boys in the vuitton family suddenly went to couture school the story might've been different.
  4. When I think about LV, luggage comes first, then bags.

    LV RTW is amazing.. I plan on buying a few pieces soon... :wlae:
  5. I think ,maybe it's because the clothing is harder to come by it really only larger stores that sell it where as shoes, ties, scarfs, shawls etc are in almost every store
  6. I do buy LV clothes. I own LV dresses, tops, skirts, jackets, pants, shawls. only my shawl had a logo, the rest no. i don't wear mono clothes.:yucky: why when it comes to LV, people only think of bags? coz' many LV shoppers r the youngsters or those who save up money before finally committing to an LV purchase. hence, a bag can be used everyday but not lv dress. you don't wear the same lv dress every day without washing it at all? think of the body odor, eek. :s so, in that sense, a lv bag have more use, stretching the dollar.;)
  7. ITA....Luggage, first and foremost!
  8. I think of bags, then SHOES. Love their shoes!!
  9. :smile: I buy their jeans 'cause they make me look thinner. They are always dry cleaned, too. I also buy shoes and hair accesories, but most people think of handbags only and gasp in amazment when they see the belt tag on the back of the jeans. Strangers have asked if they were "real". :wtf:
  10. When I think LV, I think trunks and steamer bags, then handbags, then shoes, then clothing....but I own a few pieces of LV RTW, most of my money is already spent on bags so I can't afford to splurge on clothes as well, but I do like some of their RTW items.
  11. Louis Vuitton = Luggage and trunks
  12. LV is always connected to luggage in my mind. I know this is a bad analogy but I would never go to McDonalds looking for steak, so going to LV to buy clothes is a point missed on me.

    Additionally, I don't see their clothing as timeless for the price and since it doesn't go on sale, I wouldn't be moved to seek it out.
  13. I only purchase their denim line items. Since most of their RTW is so expensive. A cashmere sweater would would cost a thousand when I can buy a similar item from my favorite designer.
  14. Louis Vuitton = bags, luggage, and shoes....

    you know how Dior, Chanel, Fendi, Prada, and Gucci make sunglassess as well as Louis Vuitton?? I never think about their sunglasees........I dont like them at all, IMO......
  15. Yeah I think of the luggage/bags, then the accesories, shoes and clothing.