Louis Vuitton bag got Molested on Bus

  1. I was on a bus today and this lady walked on with an ellipse, it was really nice and had great patina. So a couple of stops later and the bus was crowded and then this other lady sat next to her. I look over and to my amazement the bag is being Poked, Prodded and Fingered by this other lady :wtf::wtf:. The lady pulled her bag away to the other side of her out of reach of the lady beside her...But I was still gobsmacked, why would anyone do this ??
  2. people with little class and style would do this. sorry you had to witness it!
  3. another reason why i hate public transport. i would have screamed at the women if she was prodding my LV.
  4. :wtf: your poor bag! i don't get how people think it is acceptable to touch other peoples bags!!!!!! esp expensive ones...
  5. I guess better the bag than the lady holding it? Still, I'd be creeped out!
  6. LOL this thread is too funny. poor bag
  7. people amaze me at what they will do.
  8. How rude! she probably wanted to "test" if lv really is that amazing quality
    Or she was just jealous....
  9. Note to self: Must carry cleaning wipes everywhere!

    Why are people so touchy,feely sometimes? I would never touch anyone's ANYTHING without asking first. Okay, that sounded perverse, lol.
  10. Creepy yet funny:p
  11. ouch... Maybe I should start carrying my LV's in plastic bag when I use buses, lol
  12. That's just creepy... the rest of that busride must have been mighty awkward. How do you recover from something like that?? :wtf:
  13. Im suprised! Thats why I always look moody in public places so people dont do things like that to me! OMG I wouldnt know what to do!!
  14. OMG, I would have said something!
  15. I would never even thinking about doing that to someones bag, its just rude!