Louis Vuitton bag are UGLY blog.

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  1. Ok so I was trying to google for some LV banner & i found this lady's blog about LV. What is she even talking about? LV purses are not ugly. They are sophisticated, elegant, very durable...and there's so many word to describe it. I just had to post this up. :cursing: UGGH she had to idea what she's talking about. Many celeb wear LV and there's ton of people out there who dream to even own one.


    Yet there's entire Chinese families who eat because they can make a living selling imitation plastic near authentic versions of them on Canal St. And as stupid as the tourists and people-who-might-be-good -hearted-but-have-poor-fashion-sense -so-I-look-down-on-them-and -dismiss-them-entirely-solely-because
    -of-their-terrible-taste look, they look a whole lot less stupid than the girls with real ones. Why? Because these girls spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on the real thing!

    Really. They might as well go to an art supply store and purchase the fattest marker they can find and right "freakin idiot" right on their moisturized little foreheads because that purse is effectively doing the same thing. Ok, so you really spent what is equivalent to my entire paycheck on some little bag- that isn't even cute. My god. Yes, I have opened up a real designer bag and felt bits of ecstacy at the smell of that fine soft leather (yes there's nothing greater than the tanned dermis of dead animals), the intimate detailings, and the sweetness of the careful stitching. But at the end of the day I am not paying 100s of dollars to have a glamourous place to shove my tampons (my dear I've already got a more glamourous place for those). Not only that but I carry around this beautiful all leather vintage 80's black purse that's just gorgeous. It cost me 25 bucks. And before that I had this great brown leather purse, that was actually a fake prada, but you could hardly see the word prada on it and was simply a great looking real leather bag, for 20 bucks. Now that's smart and sexy.

    Do like I do ladies. Stop being dumb as reeboks. If you're going to splurge on an item, first of all, make sure it's actually cute instead of looking like these raging ugly purses that have no style and are only pushing their brand and stand as a symbol purely to communicate the amount of money you're willing to waste, or if it's fake, how desperate you are to have the next best thing even if it looks like a vinyl turd. Second of all, make sure that the cheaper version of this item isn't actually a hundred times cuter and more interesting. Shop better. Look, I've even tried to help. Vintage and places like Marshalls, Century 21, Daffys, Loehmans and Filene's are the best kinds of places for purses.
  2. That's her opinion. I love LV and that's all that matters!!
  3. Yes, all this from a woman who admits herself she acted like a crazy person on her episode of elimidate. Such class.

    However, she has a unique writing style and is somewhat funny.
  4. Whatever. Who cares if she doesn't like Louis Vuitton! But she's just being insulting. I think she's just crude plain and simple (but that's just my opinion).
  5. Not everyone has discriminating taste.....or class.
  6. Really she was on elimidate? lolz...her writing style is kinda confusing. I had to focus in order to understand what she was talking about.
  7. Read the PS at the bottom of her blog. LOL It talks about her elimidate episode. LOL
  8. here is what she wrote:
    PS- Apparently they've re-aired my episode of Elimidate. Yes, that was me on that show, it was filmed in the summer of '04, yes I am over that evil exboyfriend, yes I did find out he was cheating on me by reading his email, and yes it was extremely weird and embarrasing how upset I got on that show. The producers really **** with your head on reality shows and I understand why people come off as crazy because they put all kinds of ideas in your head about the other people and edit you weird and manipulate the situation.
  9. Meh... who cares about her. She doesn't know what she's missing out on!!! :nogood:
  10. well said! :biggrin: i totally agree!
  11. I love Louis Vuitton.
  12. If you all are going to keep quoting her please edit out her bad language. THANKS!!
  13. I hate her.
  14. Opps sorry! I wasn't even thinking!! :s
  15. I agree! Maybe one factor that she hates LV because there's a lot of replicas around and she cannot distinguise which one is real or not. LOL!
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