Louis Vuitton Backpack- Help Identify

  1. I was at a conference last week, and a gal had a LV backpack that was Damier with a zipper on the strap to convert it to a shoulder strap. It was gorgeous! I tried tracking her down to ask her and couldn't find her again!

    I looked online at LV.com and couldn't find it! I love this bag! First is it real and just an older line? Secondly where can I get one?
    Sorry for no pics!
  2. I have looked through all my catalogs and do not find anything that sounds like this. There is not a lot of choices in Damier re: backpacks Sure wish you had a pic. :sad:

    Anyone?? have any ideas
  3. um sounds fake to me...
  4. I would have to agree.. :yes:
  5. it's not the damier soho, is it?
  6. ^^ couldnt be. the soho doesn't have a zipper
  7. No it wasn't a soho- It sounds to me like it was a fake!
    Thanks for your help- I guess I will quit obsessing about the fake! LOL