Louis Vuitton Babylone BB which color and owners?

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which color for Babylone bb

  1. magnolia

    9 vote(s)
  2. galet

    13 vote(s)
  1. I like galet but it’s pretty light too. I don’t think it will show less dirt. I love this bag. Good luck deciding.
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  2. I have both colors & use them a lot - they are my most used bags right now - no dirt, scuffs, scratches, etc on either bag - no color transfer- Mahina leather is very durable. I love both colors - let us know what you choose!
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  3. Love, love this bag! I have the Galet, which I think is a light color. Doubt it would show less dirt than the Magnolia. But it’s pretty resilient. I did have color transfer from dark jeans one time, easily removed with a baby wipe. As 19flowers said, Mahina leather is durable. And gorgeous- my favorite LV leather. Good luck deciding, definitely a win/win situation.
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  4. wow it looks like Galet is ahead. thank you all!
  5. Galet!
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  6. I voted for Magnolia. Pops of color (especially in spring time) are always nice!!!
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  7. I got it in noir. It’s quite pricey and I didnt want to be upset if the leather gets dirty[emoji30] IMG_1375.JPG
  8. Congratulation, HI33!! Did you just got it? The bag is so nice.
  9. Thank you all!! I recently bought the Magnolia babylone BB. I like it a lot!!
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  10. YAY!! Great choice - congrats!
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  11. Great, great bag- congrats! Share photos when you can.
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  12. I think it's prettier in the magnolia.
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  13. Very pretty bag!
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  14. 41116CEB-82E5-4B52-9B8D-84FEB271228A.jpeg
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