Louis Vuitton at Neiman Marcus

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  1. I've read on some other posts that Neiman Marcus (I'm assuming in New York) has a Louis Vuitton shop inside of it. Does anyone know which Neiman's this is? Also, does the LV shop do charge/send? If so, do they accept the Neiman's card or is it strictly cash or regular charge? The reason I am asking is that I live nowhere near a Neiman's or an LV but I use my NM card online. Has anyone ever had any experience with this? TIA!!!!
  2. If its in the store you can use your Neimans card. The LV shop I usually go to is in Saks anduse my Saks card. LV does not get included in any store promotion with sales though.
  3. There is a LV in the Neiman's where I live at too. They take either Neiman card or AMEX. We also have a LV boutique in the same mall. I always buy from the actually LV boutique.
  4. I would love to live near an LV anything. Unfortunately we just got a Target 4 years ago. So I don't think the chances are very good of my visiting a real store any time soon. I'll try a couple of the NM's and see if I can get in touch with an LV store. Thanks a bunch!
  5. ^Good Luck!
  6. There is a LV in the NM in Short Hills Mall, NJ. They accept cash and NM cards. The Sa's are very nice there too. Good Luck!
  7. Thanks for recommending one with nice people. I feel like a dork as it is. :confused1:
  8. we have a neiman's, saks, and a lv boutique at the mall close to where i live. there's no lv inside neiman's but there is one inside saks..though i don't see why anyone would buy from there when there is an lv boutique 200 feet away...

    if neiman's has it inside their store, there shouldn't be any reason why you can't pay with their card.
  9. The NM LV I was referring to is at Fashion Valley in San Diego.
  10. LV at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco 415-362-3900. They participate in the double points events too!!!!!!!!
  11. Do they honor NM gift cards when you purchase LV inside the NM store?

  12. I am wondering the same thing. Does the LV store in NM accept NM gift cards or InCircle rewards cards?
  13. Yes they do! I had some NM gift cards last year and used them at LV in NM :biggrin:
  14. Thanks! Does anyone know about incircle rewards cards?
  15. Love this store wonderful as nice and helpful, JENIFFER BOWLin IS MY FAVORITE