Louis Vuitton at Macy's?

  1. Does anyone know which Macy's carry Louis Vuitton? So far I only know the 2 in NY, any in CA? Thx alot!!:love:
  2. None of the Macy's that I have been to in CA carry Louis Vuitton. I know Neiman Marcus has a counter. The Saks in SF doesn't carry Louis.
  3. Today my mom said South Coast Macy*s has LV. But I think she might have got confused about what store she's in, because two days ago I was there and didn't see anything..
  4. I am only aware of the two macy*s in NY having LV. I think they're the only two in the whole country.

    I know macy*s valleyfair in santa clara, CA use to carry it but since the boutique opened in the mall, they took it away
  5. i think it's only the macy's in herald square NY carries it.
  6. I got a coupon stating that the discount could not be used on Louis Vuitton. WTH? I had no idea that Macys carried the LV brand. It isn't at Lenox or Perimeter Malls, that's for sure. Does this mean LV is becoming less exclusive? I tend to buy my LV on my Saks card. Now I can run up my Macys, too? Hmpf!

    And I called Macys.com and she said she didn't know (and that nobody there knew) but I could pick a state and she'd give me the number. Very helpful.

    That's why it's hard to believe that Macys carries LV. ** Rude remarks like this will not be tolerated**

    I emailed LouisVuitton.com to confirm whether Macys carries the brand.
  7. There's a LV store in Macy's Oakbrook mall in Oakbrook, IL
  8. Actually, LV used to be carried at a lot MORE Macy's than they are now due to more of the boutiques in many areas. Gucci and Fendi used to be carried at many of the Macy's around here years ago as well. Less exclusive? No, probably more exclusive now. Even then, the Macy's discounts never applied to most of the designer stuff anyhow.
  9. What's that supposed to mean? That seemed rather catty!
  10. Yup -- in NY only Macy's Herald Square carries it. It is a leased department within the store.
  11. The LV boutique in the Macy's Oakbrook has been there for years. Years ago, when it was still Marshall Field's, you could use your 15% rewards on Louis Vuitton. They got smart with in the last 6 or 7 years. I remember because I saved my pennies to buy a Speedy. Boy if I knew then what I know now.....
  12. I agree. I'm a lawyer now, but I sure did used to work at Macy's when I was in university. Oh well, guess I am, or was, a "certain type of person." I actually think it's quite funny that someone makes comments like that. Anyway ...
  13. No, also Roosevelt Field mall in Long Island, NY, has LV at Macy's. A very good selection.:P
  14. there is one here in illinois at oakbrook mall macys
  15. Sadly none of the Macy's in NorCAL has it either. I'm sad. At least the South Coast Plaza has a LV store, too bad it's 6-7 hours away from me. :cries:

    But it seems Neiman Marcus in Vegas is the closest thing to a department store that carries LV, in the West Coast area. I could be wrong though.