Louis Vuitton Ascot

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  1. Hi, everyone. I just found an Ascot bag being sold by a seller for around $1000. It's in perfect condition and there are no flaws on the edges which is common to Damier Ebene bags. Do you think it's worth it? I've been on the lookout for a nice everyday bag that I can use casually or for the office. My choices at first were a Speedy Bandouliere in size 40 and a vintage monogram Noe in GM. Can you help me pick one? I have other bags and they're all a bit too casual. Except for my saffiano briefcase which I rarely carry because it's too structured.

    By the way, I'm a petite guy in the legal profession I just passed the bar exams last year ☺️
  2. I would say go with the Ascot or Speedy B 40. Good luck with your decision; make sure to share pics. ;)

    Congratulations on passing the Bar!