Louis Vuitton.... as a present

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  1. I am currently a student that is going off to college next year and I wanted to buy a Louis Vuitton present for my mom as a thank you for helping me through things and getting me to the point in which I am now.

    And also, I am on a pretty tight budget and I can't really afford 1000 dollar bags unlike most of the people here, but I wanted to get her something nice.

    My budget range is around up to 400 dollars (around 40,000 yen). I am going to buy the Louis Vuitton in Japan, by the way, so it might be a little more expensive.

    I was thinking maybe the accessory pouch? Or a wallet?

    Can someone help me to get a nice bag or a wallet for my mother? Also, does anyone know a Japanese website where I can look up if there is a huge price difference between the US store prices and the Japanese store prices? I know there is a bit of a difference...

    Thank you in advance.
  2. That is the sweetest thing! I suggest that you go to eluxury.com and look through all of their stuff to get an idea of what to get for your price range. Also, would your mom like a small bag, a cosmetic case or a wallet? I think picking an item that you know she will need or uses a lot will be great!
  3. When you go to the hp of LV (www.louisvuitton.com) you'll find their hp in Japanese. I'm not sure if their are prices but when you look under France there are the European prices and just add ca. 20% so you have the Japanese price. I think it's so nice of you to buy your mom something. I think for that money you'll get a small wallet, key rin and scarfs. Keep us updated please what you'll buy.
  4. i suggest a wallet, she can use it everytime.
  5. LV gifts are the best gifts imho ;)
  6. You're the sweetest daughter ever. This entry makes me tear!

    Does your mom use a lot of big bags? I think a pochette would be good for her if she carries around a lot of makeup/pencils/etc. so then she can put it into the pochette and use it inside her bags.

    If not, I think a wallet will be better.

    *HUGGG* You're awesome and CONGRATS!!!!!!!!
  7. Wow, that is so sweet of you to do!! I bet your Mom would love a wallet. There are a lot of really nice wallets around the 400 dollar range. Also, there are pochettes and agenda's too if she uses them. Good luck finding the perfect gift!
  8. That's very sweet of you !

    Japanese prices are higher than North American prices, so for your price range, you should be able to purchase a toiletries or an accessory pouch. You may not be able to buy one of the larger ladies wallets, probably a simple billfold.
  9. can u purchase on ebay? will u have to pay big customs?
    ebay has nice choices :P but just be careful in buying
  10. A pochette would be nice, or a key cles. Wallets are expensive, so if you want to stay within a certain price range, I'd look at smaller items. I bought my aunt a damier key cles for her birthday back in May and she loves it.
  11. Pochette or a picture holder (pic below) would make a very nice gift!:yes:
  12. That's so sweet of you! I would suggest a wallet. I've got a Porte-Tresor International, and I love it.
  13. How sweet! I agree w/ the wallet suggstion. I think luxury wallets are super gifts because they can be used everyday, even more than a handbag which is changed more often.
  14. how sweet of you. if you're careful enough you could buy a slightly used item on ebay...but if not a pochette or cles would be nice.

    I'm kind of in the same predicament, I want to buy my mother her first LV but I completely lack funds since I graduated college. She's been amazing in convincing my dad to let me go to a more expensive (but better!) grad program.
  15. Very sweet! I would go with a wallet...I also think an agenda is a nice gesture.