Louis Vuitton as a Gym Bag?

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  1. Ok this is weird. I was at the gym today and I noticed a guy carrying a gym bag which looked kind of nice (I usually don't oggle gym bags). Then when he walked past me I noticed the strap said Louis on it; then I saw Louis Vuitton on the side of the bag. As far as I could tell, it was a Damier Geant Albatros. Then he pulled his water bottle out of it and just chucked the bag on the ground where it slid into the corner:wtf:. I was like "WTF" if you were to use a gym bag why couldn't you just use a $20 bag from Nike instead of a $1,000 bag from LV? I wanted to slap him. But then to make myself feel better, I just got to telling myself, he's probably using a fake bag.
  2. all i can think of is stinky bag.... ewwww!
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    i remember someone frm tpf uses their speedy 40 as their gym bag
  4. He could be one of those extremely fortunate people that can just toss money around.....or it could be a fake:roflmfao:
  5. Yeah- man...i would guess fake if he was treating it like THAT!
    And ya..that would smell..yuck!
  6. Ewwww.
  7. Each to their own but poor little Louis. :crybaby: :throwup:
  8. Tbh...no matter how much it costs, it's still just a bag. To each his own, I guess. Personally, I wouldn't throw my Lv around like that, but other's might not have that attitude. I always find it funny that a lot of people automatically assume something's fake just because you don't coddle it like a child.
  9. EXACTLY. It's so funny that these people think it's fake because they don't baby their bags. Whenever I see someone mistreat an Authentic designer bag, I always think about TPF. I remember I saw a Vietnamese woman stuff her Mono Speedy 30 with groceries and a Vietnamese sandwich inside it. LOL.

    If a TPF'r saw that, I can imagine an uproar like this topic here. Seriously.
    So what if someone mistreats an LV/Burberry/Coach/Chanel bag, it's their bag and not our business. Honestly.
  10. sometimes I bring my purse to the gym...but I'd never use an LV as an actual gym bag!
  11. To each their own I guess. My oldest sister tosses her stuff around no matter how much it costs, whereas my other sister baby's everything.
  12. Honestly, the Damier Geant is made out of the same material as climing ropes - it's waterproof and extremely strong :yes: And it's just a bag, what's wrong with using it? How is it any different than using it as luggage?
  13. must admit.... i was forced to check my azure keepall 55. the airline abused it and its been my yoga bag from that day forward.

    i am currently looking for a mercer- the discontinued vernis version of the keepall but slightly smaller- to use as a gym bag as well.
  14. IF I went to the gym and IF I could afford to use an LV as a gym bag I would :tup:
    I'm just to lazy and financially challenged :biggrin:
  15. Lol.. Me too..
    Also, when I visit my friends at Georgetown Univ. in DC, I see lots of students using designer bags for tennis, gym, and school bags. If you've got the cash why not? I don't have the cash but if I went to a gym, I think I'd buy a used LV to carry too just because I love them so much.:yes: