Louis Vuitton Artsy MM or Galliera PM

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  1. Hi all,

    I really want a LV bag, but just can't decide which one to buy. I like the Artsy - but haven't seen many reviews of it. How is the Galliera in person. I don't want the bag to look small on me. Which would look good on a 5ft2in girl?
  2. I have the galliera gm and i've gotta say its HUGE! I lose everything in it the pm is more than adequete i wish i had got that size and i'm the same height as you and heavy frame! Artsy is lush
  3. Thank you so much for your advice!! Would Artsy look ok too on us considering our height?
  4. I have both gallerias, pm azur and mono gm. GM does look huge when it's emptied but once you put stuff in it, it's really not big at all. IMO, gm will give you more of a hobo-ish look. I would suggest take all your daily essentials with you when you go to try them out. That's usually a deal breaker. Do you wear heels? I'm only 5"1 but I always wear 4-5" heels so I rock the hell out of the gm. Definitely gm if you wear heels!
  5. I'm an Arsty fan and loooove the way it looks ... my vote is for the artsy mm
  6. I've tried on the Galliera PM and I think it's a good size. Definitely big enough for me and i'm 5'4"
  7. I bought a Galliera last week and absolutely love the way it hangs when being carried.
  8. Galliera PM. Not a fan of the artsy strap and how plain it looks.
  9. I prefer the Galliera.. PM is just nice! I heard someone mention that the handle of Artsy isnt that comfortable... better check it out..
  10. they are equally as cool in my book. i have the galliera but also wanted the artsy. i went to go buy it and then i realized i really liked the bigger version of the artsy, i forgot what the name of it is.... it has zippers on the front and has the same lining as the neverful. anyways, i got that one. the artys has the same inside as the galliera and it is very prone to stains. beautiful though :smile:
  11. Artsy mm
    this bag is easier to maintain, the strap gets more comfortable by time.
  12. Artsy MM. Not a lot of people have it, and when you see it IRL it is a head turner since the strap is soooo luxe with that bohemian glam braiding.
  13. I have the Artsy MM and Galliera GM. I love both, but I think you should go for the Artsy. I'm just not a fan of the Galliera PM. IMO, it gets lost under the arm. The Artsy is comfortable and it stands out much better.
  14. I love both, but would choose Galliera PM!
  15. Galliera.