Louis Vuitton Apparence Transparent Sunglasses

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Are you picking up a pair?

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    YES!... I can't wait

    19 vote(s)
  2. No... Not my style

    16 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Louis Vuitton Apparence Transparent Sunglasses


    I'm actually liking this, the Louis Vuitton Apparence Transparent Sunglasses, which is actually from the next season. Made specifically for the boys, I love how the transparent acetate frame looks. There is also another pair for the ladies, the Louis Vuitton Soupcon Sunglasses which feature 'inclusion' details (inspired by the fancy jewellery)." -bagaholicboy

    :nuts: -> :faint:

    Are you getting them?

  2. Do you know when it going to be release?
  3. How much and when are they coming>> My wish was for a new pair of sunnies.
  4. I love these!
  5. I'm not a boy, but I like them :smile:
  6. I'm totally getting them!
  7. Whoa that is so mine...im so into transparent glasses :smile:
  8. i would buy, if there wasnt so many other things i wanna buy first. But these are totally cool.
  9. I want millionaires instead!!!
  10. A re-release of those would be amazing!!!!
  11. Love them!
  12. I love them, I might have to look into getting a pair!!!
  13. They are never going to release the Millionaires or the Evidence again, so I have moved on :smile:
  14. I haven't haha. I am harbouring a desire for Navy millionaires haha.
  15. So I went to LV today and they gave me info on these puppies. They called "Apparence Transparent the SKU/code is Z0257U and they are prices at $610.00 and guess who has them on wait list? Yep, you guessed it! ME!! LOL