Louis Vuitton: any sales after Christmas?

  1. Just wondering if you guys know of any Louis Vuitton stores or authorized dealers doing any sales after Dec. 25th, especially in Los Angeles, or in New York after January 6th.
    Also, do men's wallets go on sale at all?

    Thanks & Happy Holidays!
  2. I didn't think LV did sales at all.
  3. Darn, that's what I suspected.
  4. :wtf: what kind of Q is that?

    lol just kidding.

    no lv sales....at all.
  5. My friend Ashleigh actually got the LV Global Shopper Tote for sale in Minneapolis. She said it was really random, but they had a couple of the "seasonal" bags on sale..and a few scarfs and gloves.
    This was over a year ago, though.
  6. I have asked a couple of times and they always told me that LV does not go on sale
  7. Louis Vuitton never has sales.
  8. thanks guys. sorry, can you tell i'm a newbie re: LV?
  9. here goes the battle of if lv goes on sale again..

    still a mystery...
  10. The only "sales" on LV I get are on eBay!
  11. i think i remember this same question a while back someone bought a wallet or something on sale but lv does not go on sale
  12. Here we go...My mother sold handbags at Saks for many, many years. She worked in the LV boutique. I can tell you that LV does not authorize sales.
    This is going back a few years, but I do not believe this has changed.
    If anyone has found out anything different from this, please share.
    If someone here can tell us themselves that they have found LV on sale, please let us know...:smile:
  13. they reduced price for a wallet a few months ago, but that was it
  14. Maybe she lied to you?
    LV never ever has sales. the only way you can get them "cheaper" is if you get a used one on eBay...which is tricky to find a real one out of all the fakes they have on there.
  15. Nope, this isn't true. LV NEVER has sales on ANYthing to general customers.
    The absolute only time any sort of "sale" happens is when people who work there are able to get a discount on some of the bags that are in unsaleable condition (i.e. marks from being on the sales floor) or bags that are discontinued and have been given ample time to sell (they're moved from store to store for a few months/years).
    This sale is only once a year and the bags are marked as such, denoted by a circle on the heat stamp so they will not be able to be returned for full price.
    The Globe Shoppers were very hard to find and sold out everywhere not long after they came out, so unless she got an unsaleable version from the sale for SA's, she got a fake. :s