Louis Vuitton Antigua

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  1. My Grandmother has resently seen the Louis Vuitton antigua collection and feel in love with it.

    She want's the Antigua Cabas pm The smallest in the collection.
    I was wondering if the Cabas pm is really small or can it fit quite a bit ?
    She is a lady that carrys a lot of things in her purse witch She is currently useing a Dooney and Bourke barrel bag and it fits every thing perfectly with a bit extra room.

    I would like to now if the cabas pm is a good size or to small?
  2. I also love the Antigua- especially the Sac-Weekender duffle! The prices are proposterous, though, especially for untreated canvas, which is also prone to stains.

    Sorry for raining on your parade! I love it but wouldn't buy it.
  3. would you even buy the now dark brown and black color
  4. people please tell me
  5. Honey, be patient! LOL!
    You only posted this 28 minutes ago.
    Be friendly and they will come! ;)
  6. ok i will have to be more patient sorry
  7. LOL~~~

    Curtism-I would never shell out that much money for untreated canvas w/no particular design. There's nothing special about it for it to cost $640.
  8. will they fit alot of stuff thou
  9. why not bring your grandma down to the boutique...afterall it is a lot of money and she should beable to personally go and see if she can fit all her things in the bag. i looked at the measurements and they are similiar to the vernis reade pm. refer to christina's post on what she was able to fit into her reade. hth

    i wouldn't buy anything from this line either, its way too expensive to pay for uncoated canvas. i've already made that mistake with another bag.
  10. I will have to go to the Louis Vuitton boutique and see if she likes it and she can try it on.
    I dont think the uncoated canvas is a good idea but it is up to her not me.
  11. check out the dimensions of the bag and compare them with other bags. the pm looks small...probably around the size of a vavin or the coach hampton totes.

    i think they are cute and would buy one...i like the blue cabas GM.

    just wondering...why is this thread rated 5 stars??
  12. Personaly i think this thread should be rated 1 star.
  13. Someone voted on it.
  14. who
  15. I don't know, doesn't really matter.