Louis Vuitton Antigua new colors

  1. I just heard that louis vuitton antigua collection has gotten some new colors added to it they are so nice !
    The new colors are PINK, BLUE, BRUN HAVANE, and along with there classical colors in the antigua RED, BEIGE, ECRU.
    I really wanted to get a pic but only on louis vuitton web site.
    But you must go see they are really nice.:biggrin:
  2. the new colors are...interesting.

    i like the blue, though. would be a good school bag for me.
    bh.png bl.png pi.png
  3. i like the pink....very feminin
  4. denimbuggy- I love the marching band!!! CUTE! lol
  5. he..he..thank ya
  6. Oooh that dark blue colour is really nice.
  7. I like the Brown/Olive combo. As for the Pink/Pink I think the old Red/Purple is much nicer. The two shades of pink don't compliment each other as well.
  8. Cute, but I still probably wouldnt get one, didnt like the texture.
  9. Cute, but I can't justify the Anti price. Especially for how dirty I've seen them get.
  10. I saw these today in the store....ok...but I cant deal with the uncoated canvas. To much money for something that will get dirty.
    Just my opinion
  11. I like the blue.
  12. hmm, i think i like the old colors better.
  13. I really think this has to be the most overpriced line of bags ever.
  14. :biggrin: I agree!
  15. I like the blue.
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