Louis Vuitton and your pets

  1. Here is my Chihuahua and my collection
  2. Aww.. That's a cute little puppy!! xD

    Reminds me of my little chihuahua that we had to give away. ><
  3. awww... why would anyone want to give away a chihuahua?

    his name is Salsa~!
  4. So sweet :heart:

    Is that an LV scarf? I love the colors.
  5. It's actually an Hermès scarf...

    I was wondering if anyone had the Sac Chien, if they can post a pic
  6. That is an awful cute pup!!
  7. cute pup. I love chi's and have 2 myself. great dogs.
  8. SOOSSOOO cute!
  9. Awww, too cute!
  10. Very cute!!
  11. aw what a cutie
  12. Oh My Goodness, look at that little angel .... he is so precious. :tender:

    LVOE his name, it is way too cute.

    Give "Salsa" a kiss on his little nose from me.
  13. AW! How cute!
  14. So cute...! :cutesy:
    This might be a nice thread, LV and pets!