Louis Vuitton and Weight Loss!

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to the community...I actually just discovered the forum about a week ago and spent the last few days reading through all the posts and different sections. I must say, this community is fabulous! There are such wonderful people in this community and equally wonderful LV goods!

    I hope to share more of my love for LV very soon (as well as pictures!), but I do want to share one thing right now, as I hope to get as much support as I can (and it seems like this place is a great place for support).

    Several years ago, I took a fairly well-paying, but uber-stressful job shortly after college. Before the job (right after graduating college), I had time to balance my life between working a temporary job while also getting myself in shape (going to school in New Orleans, I gained a bit of weight eating the decadent food!) However, once I took my current job, I soon found myself working, easily, 50+ hours every week, and in the past two years or so, I've gained back the weight I lost, and some more.

    Because I lacked the motivation to get me back into the gym after taking the job that stressed and tired me out, in the past year, I hired a personal trainer to get me back into shape, but I've just haven't been successful. Although I push myself to the limit whenever I worked out with my trainer, I just wasn't going to the gym when it wasn't a session day, so the work was almost obsolete. I'm 26 now and I'm determined to get healthy! Coincidentally, a year ago, I became a customer of Louis Vuitton and very easily started to spend my hard-earned money on several lovely pieces!

    For the past few days, I've really contemplated ways to keep me motivated to work off the weight, as I've already spent $$$ on a trainer (and barely any results to show for it), when I thought of this:

    Here's my challenge to keep me motivated: every time I reach a goal, I treat myself to an LV product. I haven't hashed out all the details and goals yet, but I'm determined to do this, as LV is the one guilty pleasure I have and is easily something I can purchase almost on a weekly basis! HA! My long-term goals haven't been decided quite yet, but starting today, I've set myself a goal of getting myself to the gym and working out for at least an hour everyday for the next two weeks; if I'm successful, I will reward myself with something small, like a bandeau. I am going to Europe on vacation in a couple of weeks, so this is a nice motivator for me to stay active into the vacation!

    Sorry for the length of this; I just wanted to share this story and see if there are others out there who have gone through the same as I'm about to go through. Any tips or support is appreciated! I could also use tips of LV goods I should reward myself with :biggrin: The Pegase 55 will be one of the bigger rewards, with hopefully the Artsy MM as a reward earned sooner rather than later!
  2. First of all, welcome to TPF! Good for you wanting to get into shape and get healthy! Best of luck to you in your endeavors! I think LV would be a great motivator! What does your collection currently comprise of? Once we know what your collection entails then we can be better at making suggestions. Oh, and pictures are always encouraged. :smile:
  3. Welcome! I think it's a great idea to set goals for yourself and have a reward system in place. Good luck!
  4. that sounds like a great idea and motivator! I might do that too! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Great idea! I thought of doing this before summer, but I just can't wait that long for LV! I am so happy for you and am here to support you! Let us know what happens :biggrin:
  6. welcome what a great idea keep us updated on how you are doing!
  7. welcome
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    Welcome to TPF, I think your idea is a great one! I don't know what your budget, or goals are, but I would start off with maybe the idea of a "set" you wanted, for example, you want the artsy....do you want other things to go with it?? like a wallet, bag charm, zippy coin purse, or cles? You could put together a handbag or accessories "set" and work towords it by rewarding yourself with the least expensive thing first, working up to the grand finale, of say, the artsy! Just an idea.........I'm sure you'll got a lot of very useful ideas! Good luck with your plan, would love to know what you end up planning to do:smile:
  9. As good in theory as your plan may sound, I have to say that I don't think it will work.

    You will probably never succeed in actually losing weight & keeping it off until you remove the pressure to lose weight that you are putting on yourself.
    Forget all your long-term weight loss goals.
    Don't offer yourself "bribes".
    Stop weighing yourself.
    Get up each morning and think "How can I live healthily TODAY?" and then do it.
    Focus on being healthy rather than losing weight, and the weight loss should naturally follow as a result of a healthier lifestyle.

    Oh, and if a fabulous new bag will help you feel happier and more confident, then just buy it NOW, because you already deserve it. Not for any other reason!
  10. great idea! why not challenge yourself further by sharing your progress with us here in this thread with pics of your rewards (aka new LV bags)?

    who knows another person may be inspired enough to do the same? :graucho:
  11. i have done the same and have found it to be a very good motivator! my sprouse graffiti speedy was my 50lb reward. Good luck to you!
  12. Good luck LVOELouis828! We have similar stories, and I am using a similar reward system (a new LV item for major benchmarks, or consistant workouts, or reaching endurance goals). I am looking forward to hearing stories of your progress, and all of your new goodies. You deserve great health and great purses!
  13. that's a great idea! goodluck!
  14. welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;););)
  15. I think this is GREAT - you get to become healthy, all the while rewarding yourself as you go!!
    How about setting aside a certain amount per pound you lose - and go hard, so it will be really rewarding! Also, how about adding up the money you WOULD spend on snacks and such, and putting that aside for the same purpose? Say you really want a candy bar - you take a dollar or two, or however much it is, and put that aside? Drink a glass of water and envision your new LV on your more slender frame?

    Welcome to the forum, and please, keep us posted on your progress and on your LVs!!
    (and remember the old sayin' - nothing tastes as good as thin feels!;)