Louis Vuitton and the grocery store

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  1. I bring my LVs everywhere but I don't leave them in the cart. I hold on to them at all times because I'm cautious of purse snatchers.

    I don't care about the cart being dirty, I just wipe down my bag at the end of the day.
  2. Mine goes right in the cart. I don't baby them
  3. My LV's are purses and are meant to be used, so they go wherever I go and that includes to the grocery store. If I know that I'll probably need to be hands-free at some point in the day then I choose a shoulder bag and leave it on...I never put my bags, regardless of brand or price, in a cart due to the increased risk of theft.
  4. I take my bags wherever I go and I agree they should be used however this sentiment came after owning 3+ high end bags. When I just had one and it was a "big deal" I was very protective. But when you own purses in the double digits you have a few that are "special" but most are just bags! [emoji75]
  5. As much as I love LV like everyone else here, I would question someone's sanity if they were to line a shopping cart with plastic before putting their bag down.

    It's a bag.
  6. Target, TJ Maxx, Walmart. Wherever I go my purses follow. No cart liners. I didn't cover carts when I put my children in them. At the end of the day it's a purse.
  7. I carry it since my preschooler is sitting in the cart. Otherwise I'd plop it in there.

  8. as promised here the pics[emoji4]
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462651186.888913.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462651205.529112.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462651216.484863.jpg
  9. I just carry them on my shoulder, but usually they go in the cart. My shoulder usually needs the relief and it hasn't hurt my bags.
    I used to baby my bags, designer or not, because I was a bit OCD-like. I have learned to relax and not stress over such small matters.
  10. I don't use carts, for the most part. I grocery shop several times per week and use this shopping basket on my arm. I shop and put my items in my own basket, the items get rung up then put back in my basket. That goes in the car, to my house, then back to the car again! I love my system.

    This basket has a zippered pocket where I put my wallet and keys inside & my handbag stays in the car.

    But, if I know I am going to use a cart for whatever reason, I take my bag in, and it stays on my shoulder. It's not a matter of babying the bag, it's a germ thing. It just grosses me out. It doesn't feel like a "life it too short" issue, it's just personal preference. :peace: I'm pretty sure I don't need therapy. At least not for that! :lolots:

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  11. I agree[emoji6] I just took them for granted and thought they had these hooks on carts all over the world[emoji23]
  12. I don't even put a Target purse in a cart because I'm just more paranoid of theft. But my mom, for example, has always put her purses right in the cart. I just never feel safe doing that, but it has nothing to do with the value of the purse...it's the value of my wallet and keys being stolen! [emoji2]
  13. Not to mention credit cards and driver's license, which is a pain to replace!
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