Louis Vuitton and the grocery store

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  1. I usually go grocery shopping with my Bloomsbury so I never put my bag in the cart. It stays on me the whole time.
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    I'm too nervous keeping my bag in the cart. It could get stole when I'm busy picking veggies. My grocery companion is usually cross body bag like Odeon and Speedy B.
  3. I usually carry a wristlet or crossbody to the grocery store. Not only are those carts filthy, people could just lift the entire cart!
  4. I wear all my bags everywhere unless it's a shady area. My bags usually stay on my shoulder or arm. I don't usually put in the cart because I usually fill mines to the brim XD

    LV bags are quite durable. You can most definitely put them in the cart without issues. I'd just double check that there isn't a spill or rain water in it but other than that, you can always put them in there and wipe them down later if you feel it needs to be cleaned after touching the cart...

    But like others say, I'd be weary someone steals your bag out of the cart when you're not looking...
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    I always take my Speedy B or other crossbody bags, so I do not have to put it in the cart. As I had my wallet stolen once before, I get way too nervous to let go of my bag.
  6. I don't baby my bags either but I would never put my LV or any other bag in the cart because they can get stolen or pick-pocketed while you're looking at stuff.

    When I was a kid my mom used to do that all the time until one grocery store manager warned her not to leave her purse in the cart unattended because of theft. That always stayed in my mind.:lolots:

    I've seen on those crime shows that this still happens where a shopper has their wallet stolen right out from their bag (sometimes even when the bag is on his/her shoulder!), so you have to be careful.
  7. I always carry my LV bags everywhere even in the grocery stores. I place my bags in the cart (if I happen to be not carrying my crossbody LVs). Sometimes I would find a tiny scratch on some of my bags. But it is alright, bags are meant to be used anyway. And I love/enjoy using my LV bags!
  8. No I never take my LVs to grocery stores. I usually switch to a longchamp. It's so light and carefree.
  9. Carts have tons of germs from raw meat, chicken and baby diapers, I never put anything on the cart. I take a crossbody or just a cles in the store, it's not about babying my bags, it's about not using that gross front basket.
  10. I bring my lv or any other bags to the grocery store and everywhere. There's no need to buy another bag just to bring to the the grocery store. I never set my bag on the cart though. I need the space to segregate grocery items. My bags are typically crossbody or shoulder. I just like having it on me in general.
  11. My LV goes everywhere with me and right in the buggy! I don't have children to sit in my buggy so in goes my bag! [emoji4]
  12. My bags go with me everywhere. I usual have a crossbody or shoulder bag. My daughter gets the seat in the cart.
  13. Mines are only on my shoulder or cross body. I wanted to have a speedy but with straps. That's why I have waited many years for having a speedy cross body. My others handbags are shoulder bags. Never put into cart. Dirty. Beurk. And do not want to be stolen too during my grocery shopping. My bags follow me everywhere anytime.
  14. i often just take my six clés with my debit card inside but if I go for a big grocery haul with a friend then I take whichever lv bag I'm carrying at the moment. where I live there are hooks in front of the cart underneath the baby seat and that's where I generally hang my bag from, it's very convenient and it's not so easy to steal. next time I go I'll take a pic.
  15. So I put my reusable grocery bags (that I bring) in the seat. Sit the speedy on top of those and I always have my clip. I clip it to the buggy. Because I do get distracted with what I am looking at on the shelves. So if someone walks by and tried to grab it they would take the whole buggy with them causing a commotion of sorts.

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