Louis Vuitton and sales

  1. Does it bother you that LV's never go on sale? I thought about this earlier and I must say that I actually LIKE the fact that LV's don't go on sell. There's nothing like buying a bag for a g ($1K) and having it go on sale in a month! :crybaby:

    When I was at Saks a couple of weeks ago they had a ton of designer bags on sale.
  2. Well, I guess I wouldn't mind if they went on sale, but on the other hand, I would also not like it if I bought a bag then a month later it was on sale.
  3. I'm glad they don't go on sale.
  4. Both of you have exactly the same mindset that I do - even though it kind of sucks that they're never discounted, you'll never be in a position where you see a bag for less than you paid for it at the store !
  5. im quite happy that LV never goes on sale to the public. the fact that they don't have to is the one thing that separates them from the rest. even Hermes go on sale. i don't think we'd have the same obsession or frenzy if LV would reduce their items after every season.
  6. LV is one of the few companies that just doesn't need to have sales due to the types of merchandise they have, and how they sell it. On the one hand, you've got the classics that have been made for years if not decades, and when something in the Mono line, for example, is discontinued, they'll just let it sell out over time. The rest just keep selling.

    On the other, you've got the trendy stuff, and that will sell out anyway because they're not likely to seriously overproduce. Since you can only get LV through them (store or eluxury), or select department stores like Saks, they're not as widely available. The average high-end retailer will always need to have the latest things sitting on their shelves, and since they buy so much from so many, they create the need for a sale.
  7. I love it. It's the only place I feel safe that what I bought, won't be cheaper.
  8. Agree

    The fact that they don't give discount to celebs make it even better :biggrin:
  9. But what about discounts to repeat customers? :nuts: I would love to receive something from them. I buy at least 3 bags per year from the boutique and have never even got a thank-you card. :crybaby:
  10. I heard they give celebs a 30% discount.?
  11. I've heard there was a celeb discount too.. and I heard Ms. Foxy Brown threw quite a fit about it as well.

    I guess that's where VIP gifts come in, but there doesn't seem to be any consensus on what determines the status, besides a strong relationship with a SA ! That's bummy for people that don't always buy from the same store/SA at the store. :crybaby:
  12. I'm thisclose to being done with shopping at Saks for my LVs. I just called the 866-Vuitton and they were SOOOO nice!

    I say if you purchase 3X or more in 1 year, you should get a gift of some sort.
  13. I would love a free gift...I get the thank you cards...but man a catalogue or something would be nice!
  14. I used to have the best SA at NM at he always sent me thank you cards. Also he would give me a gift every year for my birthday (miss him :crybaby: ) He now works at Hermes so no more special treatment for me..
  15. I'd much rather have a gift rather than walk out of a store with a brown bag - especially if they're really nice about it ! :yes: