Louis Vuitton and Indians: Hilarious video!! Must watch

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  1. LOLLLL.

    I thought it was going be bad, but OMGGGGGGGGG.... this is TOOOOO funny.

    I love it. I'm still laughing about it.


    THis one is great!!
  2. haha yeah he's a famous talk show guy in toronto! :biggrin:
  3. I don't need to click the link to know ... it's Russell Peters. Love him.
  4. That was REALLY funny!!! The camera part was hilarious!!
  5. Too funny!
  6. Oh my god, hilarious! Don't know this guy, but what a great LV skit!!
  7. He made my day..
    Soo funny...
  8. Lol! Love this guy.. He's a great stand-up comedian..;)
  9. Too funny! Love him. :smile:
  10. Too funny! I bookmarked it on my favorites to show my DD later.
  11. Love it! Very funny!
  12. Lovee Russell Peters, I spend hours watching him on youtube
  13. Hilarious! love it! LOL!
  14. haha love this!