Louis Vuitton and Humidity???

  1. Does any know if you should do anything if you live in a very dry climate? I live in Canada, and we have LONG, COLD, DRY winter... should you put your bags by a humidifier or put something on them?:confused1: :sweatdrop:
  2. Personally, I would not put anything on the bags. I would assume, if the humidity level is kept at a normal level in the house, then no additional steps are needed. I would keep the bags away from a direct heat source.
  3. Hey there neighbor! (ya I'm in Canada too lol) No, I would just leave the bag as is. Maybe condition the canvas 1-2 times a year with a really light non-comedogenic lotion (eg. I use Lancôme's Blanc expert or Neurowhite as they call it now), but I honestly wouldn't worry much about it.
  4. I live in Hawaii (humid) and my oldest bag (Petite Bucket) has some serious disintigration problems of the vuittonite. I can't imagine that humidity is very good at all for the bags. I am sure dryness isn't great either...but humidity...no!
  5. Your bags will be fine so long as you dont leave them out in the cold or un heated place.
  6. I live in MN for part of the year and toronto for part of the year and the dtyness realy hasn't been a prob. Least not yet. BUT when i lived in hawaii we found mold from the humidty from storing one of my moms coach bags. Thank god it was only coach and not LV.
  7. No problems with my bags yet, and Calgary has super dry weather.
  8. I wouldn't do anything- humidity will speed up the patina process as well (which can be good or bad depending on your feelings for patina)
  9. Not to mention humidity causes certain linings (esp Vuittonite) to peel! :yucky:
  10. I live in Melbourne, and the weather here is cold and dry. I place my bags in their dustbags and in my walk-in robe. I wouldn't recommend putting a humidifier, that would harm your bags more than your normal room temperature.
  11. I am in Canada too. My petit bucket is from 2001 and all I do is give it a condition in and out when cleaning, once per year. Danier leather cleaner/conditioner works well for me. My patina is medium so I will do the vachetta if it feeks dry. For naked vachetta though, I wouldn't touch it.

    I also don't use it in the winter, too afraid the extreme cold or temp changes will cause a problem.
  12. I don't know about the cold but my Speedy sure stood up to extreme heat. (118 degrees in Phoenix in August :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: and 110% humidity) I will say that it was so hot on some days that I was carrying my Epi Pochette and went I looked down, the leather was melting off on my leg! :wtf: .
  13. okay, we have -30 to -40 weather right now in central Canada...and I am not even using my LV's. I'm scared it'll crack b/c it's sooo cold outside (heck I feel like my face will crack going outside)...anyway..i just leave my bags in room temperature (maybe a lil bit colder) and so far it's okay!