Louis Vuitton and house selling

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  1. My one friend worked for a real estate agent part time as a assistant. The lady was very careful when showing homes (she sold very expensive homes) and the people living in them had many valuables. She had a list for clients encouraging them to take out or lock in a safe (most had them at home) all jewelry, guns, coins and personal papers.
    While she prequalified buyers and had one or two assistants show a house with her she did talk about how careless many real estate people are. Many sellers are also careless leaving valuables out.

    Open houses are like inviting a crime to happen. Too many people can come in and they will wander to distract you. My friend dealt with this when selling by owner. When hubby and I sold our (10) past houses we kept valuables in a safe. At various times my purses were packed away in a locked chest like the type kids take away to college with boxes on top of it. But we were always home and usually sold by owner. If we used a agent we never gave them a house key of access to the house. We had to be home too. Never had a problem.

    Two of my friends had jewelry stolen when selling their homes but it was due to them leaving things on a piece of furniture. Another had very expensive skin care products and perfume gone missing right off her vanity. If I wanted to protect my purses from possible theft I would get a chest and put extra locks on it and place it inside a hall closet with things on type and write something like winter coats or winter blankets on the chest. Perhaps adding a security camera to your home while selling will let you know what goes on when the real estate agent shows your house. Do they allow people to wander into different rooms? No prospective buyer needs to be snooping in your dresser drawers or furniture. And yet people actually do this and more.
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  2. This may be different from location to location, but the open houses here do not require you to be preapproved or even with a realtor to view the property (unless you're only doing scheduled private showings). I viewed plenty of houses last summer with my boyfriend and all of them just let us walk in and view the house without supervision and never even asked our names (and yes, I opened every closet and cabinet to check the depth and condition of them). The agent selling the house mostly sat in the livingroom to greet people and answer questions. If it was a particularly nice house, there would be multiple families there at once and the realtor would be kept busy with one family's questions, making it very easy for anyone else to steal stuff. So I think it's better to err on the side of caution and lock up valuables. Even the best realtor cannot watch everyone at once and their main focus is to sell the house at the end of the day.

    To OP - from your collection I'd probably use the DE Speedy 25 and keep the rest locked up. But that is just based on my preference for crossbody bags :smile: Use whichever fits your lifestyle better.
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  3. I put mine in a storage unit along with other valuables as I was selling my home due to a divorce. I put anything of value in both a safe deposit and in storage BEFORE I filed as I had purchased my luxury items myself and did not want to risk having my ex try to retaliate by taking them. Everything stayed put away until after I sold, closed and moved.
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