Louis Vuitton and house selling

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  1. The attic might not be the best place for them if it is not climate controlled and free of vermin and pests. Not implying any of this applies to you but consider these things before placing them in an attic.
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  2. I don’t know ... i might have to get a storage then. I don’t have any relatives in my area. My jewelry is in the bank. Dang ... what a hassle
  3. I took my valuables out of the house or stored them higher up in the closet. Why tempt people? I wanted peace of mind, so although my place wasn't big, i had a few things I didn't want to walk, so stored accordingly. Yes, a hassle when you wanted them for sure.
  4. I moved my stuff to my office. I have a large locked cabinet in my locked office and am fortunate to have coworkers I trust. I just moved some of the stuff out of the cabinet and into filing cabinets. It was tight, but it worked. Luckily, our house was under contract within 48 hours of listing and I was able to move it all back once the showings were over.
  5. Thanks everyone for your ideas!! It is very much a hassle right now. In addition to my bags, my third bedroom serves as my wardrobe/get ready room. It was recommended by my realtor to pretty much gut the whole room out and make it appear to look like a bedroom. I hope my house sells fast lol
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  6. I carefully packed all of my bags in storage bins and put my jewelry in my safe deposit box at the bank. Not worth the stress of worrying, in my opinion. The storage bins went in a shelf in my closet and no one would know what was in them!
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  7. I put my bags in luggage and locked them up and put on the top shelf of my closet.
  8. Luggage or storage bins is a great idea. You can put boxes on top of the bins to prevent anyone from lifting the lids. Stack some folded clothes on top...
  9. As a realtor, I recommend to take All of your most sentimental items out of the house. Take them to your trusted relatives or friends house. Maybe rent a storage space. Or hide them concealed inside a luggage case or even storage bin somewhere not easily accessible or hide them in a unconventional area of the house-like it seen not valuable-junk items. :P
  10. Also, when I sold my house last year, I didn’t have an open house where I had a slew of people parading through my home, it was by appointment only.
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  11. Packed everything but bare essentials in a PODS container. They stored it and held it until move in.
  12. here's what I would do. because I don't have relatives nearby or somewhere easy either. My jewelry credit cards etc.... I would probably hide deep in a storage container under my bed or something. like with Christmas ornaments or something. My bags. I would probably store them in luggage in my closet. And my LV boxes? I would probably place them all in one spot and then pile stuff around them. Like maybe under a bed with a few shoe boxes around them. Mostly I just don't want any valued items out and visible. People are going to be looking at my stuff but hopefully a realtor is not giving them the opportunity to dig through it.

    You really never can be too careful. If 100 people come in your house to view it. 90 are probably extremely honest and are simply there to buy a house. 5 are probably bored nosey people maybe looking for decorating ideas. 4 are generally honest but have issues. If they see something they will get a compulsive urge to steal it. it doesn't even have to be expensive. they might see a little nick nack and steal it. Then there is 1 that is a thief. They are there to see what they can steal from a naive person or case the joint so they can come back later and rob the place quickly. I trust no one.
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  13. OMG!!! You’re just like me. I love how you said “4 are generally honest but have issues.” LOL...I’m in tears!!!
    People will steal the most random stuff. I had my car serviced and someone in the service dept stole ALL of my loose change, except for the pennies. All I could think of is that they needed to get snacks out of the vending machine or go to the laundromat. SMH!!!
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  14. I sold my house five years ago and was worried from the outset about just such a thing happening. I put all my jewelry in a safe deposit box at the bank. Which I had to get, but totally worth it. There was no way my bags would fit though, I’d have had to rent the entire vault. So I packed them in black trash bags and put them in the closet and then put folded blankets and pillows on top and around them. I was still worried but nothing bad happened.
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  15. My Louis collection was locked away for almost 6 months when I sold our old house. I was dying to have them back. We moved into the new house and I unpacked them into my new walk in immediately. It was hard but I would rather be safe than have something go missing.