Louis Vuitton and house selling

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am in the process of selling my home. I am definitely planning to remove all of my LV bags as well as other designer bags because I don’t to run the risk of having them stolen.

    I do not have a lot of space in my home and I plan on transporting my bags to my mom’s house. But I would have to run back and forth to her house if I wanted to use a bag from my collection.

    When I first moved here, I was a first time home buyer when I previously lived at home with my mom. This time, I will need to sell and buy a home.

    What did you all do with your bags when you were selling your homes? Do you have any advice for me to make rotating my bags easier? Should I use only one LV bag on a regular basis until my house sells? Out my collection (listed in my signature), which bag do you recommend I use every day?

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. I my bags and jewellery in the basement. Very wise to have them out of sight.
  3. I sold my home last year and did pretty much the same. I carefully packed my bags and stored them at my mom's house. I just left myself 2 bags that were all weather appropriate. I took both bags with me (and my daughter and 2 dogs) whenever we had a showing. It was tough but I didn't want to worry about theft. I unpacked everything the day we moved into our new house.
  4. Glad to hear you are being sensible to protect your valuables during the sale. It is sad we have to take these precautions but LV and all designer accessories are too expensive to lose to thieves masquerading as potential home buyers.
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  5. Wow I’m so worried about that now! We purchased a house a few months ago and they let us walk around other people’s homes with very little supervision. One day when we sell, I’ll have to figure out what to do with my belongings too!
  6. I was at all the showings of my home when we had it on the market; problem solved. :biggrin: When we sold our home we concurrently bought our new home and everything came with us so I didn’t have to worry about storing anything.
  7. This is very interesting and informative. I am about to sell our house as well and my husband brought that up but I thought he was being silly. Wow .... scary world we are in. All my bags are in my closet. I wouldn’t think someone would open the sliding doors to get something out. I don’t have s walking closet.
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  8. Point of Note: When we went house hunting, our sales rep opened up all closets for us to see the size inside. Saw designer bags, etc.
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  9. Not to get something out, but when viewing a potential new home, i think it would be normal to open storage cupboards and built in wardrobes/closets to see the internal layout and size to see if it would suit your needs. I have no intention of selling my home anytime soon, but when I think about where my bags are stored it’s very obvious what they are as you can clearly see all the dust bags as soon as that door is opened.
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  10. They were hidden in the house, packed in suitcases that I kept in our storm shelter.
  11. Exactly! I agree with you 100%.
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  12. Padlocked in suitcases would be a great idea for those without a storm shelter (I like in the uk, I’ve never seen one, lol)
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  13. I stored all of mine in our closet under the stairs. This closet is in our office. It’s in an L shape and we put up a baby gate to prevent anyone going into the back of the closet. The ceiling part where the baby gate is very low. So when you open the door, you cannot see the gate. It just looks like a regular long walk in closet with low ceiling.
    A neighbor of mine did not store her bags out of sight and unfortunately, someone stole her LV tapage charm.

    You never know prospective buyers intentions so I suggest putting all valuables out of sight. They may be touring your house to come back and rob you. Hopefully, that is not the case.

    When we moved, we did not let the movers transport our clothes, shoes, my handbags, etc.
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  14. I will probably put them in the attic lol
    Nobody has access to it unless you place a tall ladder. Unreachable :nuts:
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  15. When we were looking to buy a house we went to different homes and I saw so many closets with designer bags and they were displayed. I didn’t go to these houses to look at their closets and see what designer items they have. I went there to look at their house and decide if I want to buy their home. Also, when we were selling our house I didn’t hide my bags, they were just stored in their dustbags as usual. I think realtors are responsible if something happens to your possessions while they show your house but as I said I think... it doesn’t mean I know for sure. There is a small possibility that something can happen but I don’t think that a normal person will go that route. First of all, all people who will come to your home will be already preapproved and if something happens you will know the name of the people who came to your home.