Louis Vuitton and friggin' quality control, man

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  1. I'm at home right now (I go to college in the mountains lol) - visiting and re-experiencing the love of wealth and fashionable civilization. My loving father gave me his credit card and told me to go shopping. I found myself at Louis Vuitton, where I decided I absolutely *needed* a cles (yes, I know, I've owned and sold at least 4 in my short life span, deeming them inevitably useless). I chose my favorite line, which of course is the plain ole' monogram. As we were there, my SA told us that there was a new manager, and she'd recalled Steve's (Steve = my boyfriend) problem with his wallet peeling. The old manager sent it for repair (it was 6 months old), and when it came back the same thing happened again, this time the sides peeling to reveal the actual strings beneath the glaze. By this time we'd moved away to college, a good 2 hours away from the nearest luxury mall. We called Louis Vuitton to let them know, and they said they would take it for repair, AGAIN. Steve was completely against the idea - I mean, why should you have to send a wallet to be repaired (which takes 2 months to get back) TWICE in a year after paying $300.00+??? Since this we had not been back to Louis Vuitton. Aaaanyway, so we decided since we were back in town to stop by Louis Vuitton (I pushed a little), which had just been remodeled so it's twice as big as it had been the previous time we'd visited. While I was purchasing the cles I showed my SA Steve's wallet and how the peeling problem had further worsened. I also showed her my koala, which was begining to have the same problem: peeling along the sides. So the manager comes over and looks at our wallets - she looks at Steves and says the damage is from WATER and that Steve must be "really hard on his wallet"!!!!!!! WTF? It's a wallet - it's a year old, it's been for repair already once - it goes in his damn pocket - why would there be WATER in his pocket??? It's obviously a quality control issue! But then get this - she looks at my (koala) wallet, and says the peeling on MINE is a DEFECT, and gives me a brand new one!!!!! So Steve is mortified and furious, he walks out, as they're exchanging my koala wallet (which is 8 months old) and buying my cles. I understand I guess, but he's really mad - as in he's not really speaking to me. =( I guess I understand, he's not mad at me - he's just mad I got a new wallet, when my peeling was not even CLOSE to as bad as his is. I just don't get Louis Vuitton - they're quality control is so back and forth, it really sucks. Now he says he refuses to ever buy anything from there again. This is bad. :shame:

    On the plus side, my old koala was made in the USA - this one is made in France! I know, it shouldn't matter - a factory is a factory - but I prefer foreign-made goods ;) also, my cles is made in Spain! My other 2 monogram cles were all made in the USA - so I'm happy about that :smile: but poor Steve :sad:
  2. what is up with LV???That is really weird..can you take his to another LV store..Maybe Steve pissed them off and they are holding it against him???NOT that thats right...so sorry...very strange!
  3. No, this is a new manager - so she had never met us. And my SA looooves us, the reason we went today was because she called me to let me know they had opened their new store and invited me to stop by. We're pretty close to her - like she hugs us and gives us a kiss on the cheek when we come in every time. She was saying that the peeling of his wallet was due to WEAR - saying he was hard on the wallet, therefor the peeling was HIS fault - yet with my wallet (note, we're they're together - same time) she says it's in "pristine condition" and that the peeling is a defect - and that they've seen this with some USA pieces. It was just bizarre.
  4. I don't understand why your boyfriend received different treatment from you. The explanation the SA gave him was lame IMO. I'm happy they did right by you though. They should have done the same for him.
  5. Too bad he didn't get the same service and treatment. To have to send it twice for repair is inexcusable.
  6. Seriously - these things just turn me off LV more and more. I was actually kind of sick that after that I still chose to purchase a friggin $145.00 key chain :huh:
  7. get a new wallet for steeve, poor steeve.
  8. poor steve, I'd be bull if I was him too. However, you lucked out.
  9. Sorry that Steve got really subpar treatment there. =( Their quality can be over the place at times. Not sure why. BF got me a Speedy 35 and the tab holding the lock was crooked (really crooked, it stuck out to one side) and the leaf tab of the zipper is loose (you can make it go around in circles). The exchanged one was in prisitne condition - no flaws at all!
  10. What a nice father you have :amuse:
    Sorry about your BF's wallet - strange LV-behaviour :yucky:
  11. My speedy 30 tab is loose too! It also can go around in circles (only if you purposely do it though) - I don't want to exchange it though because it's about a year old and I worked SO HARD to get a nice even patina on it :cry:
  12. Wow, that is BS! Complain, complain, complain. They should stand behind their products more than that. That's a disgrace trying to blame him. :rant:

    This makes me re-think getting a LV wallet.
  13. Steve is still furious - he seems pretty set-in-stone, his idea of NEVER buying from Louis Vuitton again, and he's pretty pissed I bought something yesterday after all of that. Ugh :cry:

    I told him eventually we'll get him a nice leather Gucci wallet - but he's like "no, no more designers, I'm not spending top dollar to have my sh*t rip to pieces in months." and I get where he's coming from - he had a Perry Ellis wallet for years before the seams began to split - how can I justify spending $350.00 on a wallet that is splitting at its seams to reveal actual threading? I can't :cry:- I hope he gets over this, but I don't think he will - I know him, and his mind is made up. I'm just really torn because I love LV, but this is just inexcusable - and it's not the first time we've had quality control issues.
  14. Did they send it off for repairs or to the Quality Control department? I would complain and complain and make them send it to the QC over and over until they finally decide that it is a defect in their product.

    On another note, I also love when my LV is made in France or Spain.
  15. Oh no, sorrie to hear that. I hope that your Steve is not upset anymore. That really sux.