Louis Vuitton and damage/staining?

  1. Has anyone ever had a problem with Louis Vuitton items discoloring, staining, or dying from anything? I am wondering if Benzoyl Peroxide(in acne and anti-aging creams and lotion) in particular has caused anyone problems?:sweatdrop:
    PLEASE let me know, I am very worried my items could possiblely become damaged from this product. Are there any other products that will damage LVs, if so, please let me know!
    Thank you for your help!:sweatdrop: :shrugs: :sad:
  2. Well no matter the material, benzoyl peroxide is known to bleach items so I'd keep it away from my bags.
    Also, keep ink away from your bags..in my experience, that never comes out.
  3. Well, most acne creams usually only contain around 5% benzoyl peroxide though, right...? So as long as it's not in contact for an extended period of time and you wipe it off right away, it should be fine.

    Why, may I ask would you have benzoyl peroxide near your bag...? lol.

    Any alcohol will probably damage the product. Printed material for vernis, household cleaners, strong detergent...abrasive material...lol lots of things!

  4. vanishing cream
  5. Ahhhh...I see!
  6. I would never put the product on or near the LV. I was thinking if you accidently touched the item to your face or had some of the product on your hands without knowing and touched the LV bag.
    Does anyone who uses Benzoyl Peroxide have any tips or hints on how to be cautious with this product and LV bags? Or has anyone has any problems with this? Anyone been using Benzoyl for a while and haven't had a problem so far? This product reacts when incontact with water, so do you think it is okay to use a damp rag when cleaning my purse or should I use a dry rag?
    Sorry for all the questions! :smile:
    Best Regards!
  7. ITA...I agree watch out for those pens!
  8. Sunblock is also something to keep your goods away from. The chemicals in most sunscreens are so powerful they can usually eat away at the labels of my lipglosses (can smear labels pretty badly), and the chems can also turn your leather a darker color. Oils, bleaching creams, etc. all can do some pretty serious damage to LV handles if you are not careful.
    It sounds a little silly, but I carry a small, tightly sealed bottle of Purell (antibacterial hand gel) in a ziplock bag in my purse. Just a couple drops of this and a napkin clean my hands pretty well, and get excess gunk off that can stain my bag handles. Just beware of the bags touching other parts of your body that you might have put sunscreen/makeup/oils/lotions that can damage the bag.
  9. if you use benzoyl peroxide always wash your hands afterwards before touching anything else, incl. LV bags, children etc etc!!!
  10. Anything with Benzoyl Peroxide in it will discolor/stain/mark ANY bag.. Best thing is to keep in a ziplock bag or out of your bag is best.

  11. Yikes, I'm always very careful with my bags, especially the vernis ones. But not sure about your particular problem, best to check back with the LV store, they may be able to help you.
  12. Dark denim washes will stain the vachetta but I read that you can erase them out.

  13. Dark wool coats also stain the vachetta leather. Has anyone had any porblems with the canvas (Monogram and Damier) itself?:confused1:
  14. I've had weird white marks on the canvas some looked like water spots and I was able to clean them off with a damp cloth.
  15. Lots of great advice here.