Louis Vuitton and Alcantara S.p.A.

  1. Some interesting Alcantara facts regarding the lining of your LV.

    Alcantara is in fact an independent company - Alcantara S.p.A Italy.
    Alcantara® is the registered trademark of the innovative material, exclusively produced by Alcantara S.p.A. Elegant and functional at the same time, Alcantara® combines qualities such as softness, and richness of colour, and is particularly stain resistant and easy to maintain. It can be used in innovative and prestigious ways in furnishings, in car upholstery, in the world of fashion and in clothing accessories.


    - So, Alcantara S.p.A produces the fabrics generally used as bag lining by Louis Vuitton. A few of the colours used in the lining of some bags (The deep red and brown of Multicolor, the vivid orange of Mandarin Epi, orange/Terracotta used in Damier, and the light beige and grey/silver used (I believe) in Monogram Dentelle) are stock standard colours in the Alcantara range.
    Wondered how comfy it'd be to lay against the beautiful soft lining of your Multocolour Speedy? Wonder no more :tup:

    - Alcantara is used mainly in hi-end auto upholstery (Lamborghini, Audi, BMW, Ferrari etc) as well as high-end furnishings (Ligne Roset, B&B Italia Cappellini). Believe me, you have not known comfort until you've sat on the Ligne Roset Togo sofa upholstered in Alcantara :heart:

    - Alcantara is completely machine washable, and is a very stain-proof fabric - so should you ever have a bottle of O.J. explode in your alcantara-lined LV (Yes, this has happened to me), don't panic, it can easily be cleaned and look just as new.

    Here are a few pic of my Alcantara-upholstered furniture:

    From top:
    B&B Italia 'Tulip' Armchair
    Ligne Roset 'Togo' Corner Seat, Two-seater sofa and Ottoman.

  2. Wow...very interesting!! Thank you for sharing this important fact with us!
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  4. I want to take a Sunday afternoon nap on that purply-blue sofa-thing!
  5. Oh, another random, off the cuff fact - my Alcantara-clad armchairs are made by B&B Italia; who are the company contracted by Louis Vuitton to fit out the furnishings of their boutiques worldwide. So furnishings you see/sit on at an LV Boutique are by B&B Italia.

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  8. What great info! Thanks so much for sharing!!! I've already said this so much before but, oh the things we learn on tpf...
  9. I remember doing a search for alcantara when I was researching CB items...I remember it being an independent company. If LV were to have its own material...it would have some LV aspect to the name, I'd expect, for example, the vuittonite.
  10. oh wow, I just thought the name was something they picked up. Thanks for sharing. I LVoe this forum!
  11. Oh that is interesting!! Thanks for sharing - your furniture is stunning!
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  13. DesigningStyle/Dell > Hehe, you'd need to pry my friends off there with a crowbar first, people tend to collapse on it, fall asleep and end up staying the night :p
  14. Actually, I'm quite impressed with the lining. My black color transfer is almost off of the inside of my neo cabby.