Louis Vuitton Alma bb

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Real or fake?

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  1. I am looking at purchasing my first ever designer bag and I have had my eye on the Louis Vuitton alma bb in damier ebene for the last year. It was my 21st birthday two weeks ago and figured it’s the perfect time as I was gifted some money for the occasion. I found a seller on Depop but as a first time buyer I am wary of buying a fake, can anyone help authenticate? I would be forever greatful xx
    (She also sent me videos of the bag and was able to show the date code tab inside the pocket but could not get a photo or get into it properly and from what I gather that’s a normal issue, the date stamp read DU2157)
    C2C58BA7-260E-418E-9982-B70B104E5C54.png 2E4D9510-922F-4B30-A38D-497EB27FE87C.png 92C504F3-BDF7-42D6-88E2-28388D6148D0.png
  2. It’s not letting me upload any of the other photos it’s saying file too large
  3. More photos x
    1875AA81-A8AD-41FC-9121-7F2E810831B8.jpeg 46C7A74F-CF84-4EBD-9F6E-AC2862A3B74E.jpeg 4EEA7B0F-2626-4055-AB48-174BE921A662.jpeg 1B23BDDB-4596-4C10-80BD-08646F66C198.jpeg BB5D5CE4-9388-4085-AD4D-D1C911DA2081.jpeg 0BD92FF6-A301-46F4-BAEB-2EF3D87A97DA.jpeg
  4. You need to post this in the “authenticate this” thread with the link to sale
  5. I’m not able to as it’s a Depop sale so there’s no links and she sent all these photos privately
  6. Hi!
    We don’t allow individual authenticity requests.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.