Louis Vuitton Agenda Small

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  1. There is a seller on ebay who states that not all Mono Agendas Small have date codes. Yet most I've looked at do. Does anyone know anything about this? TIA!!!
  2. anyone?? Thanks
  3. they may be hard to read, and get to.
  4. they have them and are hidden in the seam of the pocket. very tight place and hard to pull apart for fear of ripping stitches. its there and if its not,i would steer clear
  5. Thank you. I thought the same thing. The seller is insistent that not all LV has date codes. I've read the date code thread but still wanted others opinion. Thanks again and I will steer clear!!
  6. UPDATE!! After numerous emails with this seller he has pulled the auction. Thanks for the input and for helping to stop the selling of fakes.
  7. UGG! That is so creepy! Good job of getting a fake off the market!